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Ideal Wii games for liqueured up parties.

Oh social gaming I love you so much. There is nothing like having some friends over and a good selection of alcohols available and playing some games. 
This list is still a "work" in progress.

List items

  • Dokapon Kindom is probably the most engaging game to play with friend when having something to drink and will last an entire evening with ease. Luck is a huge factor in this game and chances can turn around really quickly making it a constant fight on who is first. Many alliances will be forged and just as many will be broken.

    A nice plus that this game has is that since it is turn based you can play it with a full group using only one Wii-Remote.

  • Driift Mania is a pure gem. The different modes and all the different cars make it an great game for parties. What makes it a perfect game for parties is that you can play it with 8 players simultaneously. In order to do so the Nunchuck and the wii-remote are shared by two players each controlling a car.

  • This on really does not require any explanation. Good luck in trying to beat the first work without a continue when playing with 3 other intoxicated players. The "un"intentional team kills will cost you more lifes then the actual enemies. At the end of the evening your goal that used to be to try and beat a level will become to try and make the continue counter of you "allies" go up as much as possible.

  • Wii Sports Resort is the flagship of social games and fares extremely well in its intoxicated variation. It are especially the competitive sports like sword fighting and table tennis that are the most fun to play, disc golf is also great since more often then not the accuracy of the "golfers" will be... debatable.

  • You might be asking yourself why I added this game to this list since the game is quite repetitive and not all that hard. Well that is exactly why, Pokemon Rumble is a great game to play when you are in no state to play anything complicated. You can play this game with up to 4 players and you'll have no idea what is going on on screen at some points but you will still be able to complete the level and rant about how the newer Pokemon look like crap.

  • The third entry in the by hardcore Rayman fans dreaded Rabbids mini game series is pure gold at parties. It offers a lot of variety in the mini games and it offers plenty of opportunity to make the loser of a mini game drink and call him or her a roll of toilet paper (you'll understand when playing the game...)

  • Mario Strikers is a great game and has an extremely high pace. 4 player matches in this game will result in manic yelling and a screen filled with a team of beavers.