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    Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Nov 18, 2008

    Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party is a collection of TV-themed minigames starring Ubisoft's cast of insane rabbits.

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    Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party (referred to as RR: TV Party from here forward) is an addition to the Wii-based Rayman Raving Rabbids series, following Raving Rabbids and Raving Rabbids 2. In addition to the TV-based theme uniting all of the minigames, this game offers users the ability to include the Wii Fit Balance Board peripheral in gameplay. It was notably marketed as the first videogame to allow players to play using their butts. 

    The Minigames

    The minigames in RR: TV Party are divided into 8 different  TV channels. Each 'channel' focuses on games utilizing a particular type of control. In each channel, games are classified by difficulty, represented as "air time". The later it airs, the more challenging it is. Each channel is labeled in quotes.

    "Jam Sports"

    Sledging Games (1 player, balance board support)
    In the sledging mini game, the player's Rabbid travels down a mountain on a gnu. The objective is to pass through the gates and perform tricks when jumping off of ramps. The player holds the Wii Remote like a key and turns it to steer. Tilting the remote back  will accelerate. Players using the optional Wii Balance Board control option will have to shift their weight side to side to steer and towards the back to accelerate. The midair tricks are done by correctly executing the Wii Remote and Nunchuk motions portrayed on-screen.  
     The different courses available are:
    • Mount Behind
    • Mount Kushibut
    • Mount Kilimanbotty
    • Breakbutt Mountain

    Missfit (2 players, balance board support)
    The show Missfit is presented by Chuckie Morris. One player acts as a gym instructor while the other acts as a student. The trainer will choose a couple of positions or movements  that the student will need to hold/do for a certain time. Optionally, the Balance Board can be used to incorporate additional motions and positions. At the end of the game the trainer can elect to rate the student and give bonus points.

    Rabbid Wrestling (4 players)
    No information available

    Raddidass (4 players)
    No information available

    "Groove On"

    Music-based minigames playable by up to four players.

    The different songs playable in the "Groove On" channel include:
    • "Ladies Night" as inspired by Kool and the Gang
    • "Toxic" as inspired by Britney Spears
    • "You Know I'm No Good" as inspired by Amy Winehouse
    • "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" as inspired by Tavares
    • "Born To Be Wild" as inspired by Steppenwolf
    • "Another One Bites the Dust" as inspired by Queen

    "Trash TV"

    Prison Fake (4 players)
    No information available 

    Tractor Racing (not the ingame title) (1 player, balance board support)
    Race a harvesting combine around a track while attempting to mow down the other racers in 3 laps. You control your tractor by holding the Wii Remote like a steering weel. Braking and acceleration are mapped to the 1 and 2 buttons. Optionally, the Balance Board can be used to brake and accelerate, simulating pedals. Drifting around turns nets you boost, which is applied by jerking the Wii Remote downwards. There are several different tracks in the tractor race mini game, including Strawberry Fields, New Jersey, and Woodstock, South Dakota.

    Boardwalk Catwalk (4 players)
    Each player's objective is to reach the end of the catwalk before the rest of the players. Photographers will intermittently take pictures, and failing to stop and pose for the photographs will not only result in a poor picture, but something comically heavy will fall on the player's Rabbid, impeding his or her progress.

    The Garden of Weden (4 players, balance board support)
    No information available 

    Dud's Army (4 players)
    No information available

    "Shake It TV"

    (4players, 1 if balance board used)

    The Rabbids were born to dance.
    The Rabbids were born to dance.
    This is a fairly straightforward dancing rhythm game. Motions are mapped to a scrolling display on the screen. Additional movements come into play if the player utilizes the Balance Board. The music you dance to in "Shake It TV" includes:

    • "Jungle Boogie" as inspired by Kool and the Gang
    • "ABC" as inspired by the Jackson Five
    • "Soul Bossa Nova", the theme to the Austin Powers series of movies
    • "Trick Me" as inspired by Kelis
    • "Le Freak" as inspired by Chic
    • "Acceptable in the 80's" as inspired by Calvin Harris
    • "Wake Me Up" (inspired by the song by Wham!, not Evanescence)

    "Raving Channel"

    Lotto Ball minigames (not the ingame title)  (4 players)
    Each player's Rabbid is wearing a giant bouncing 'lotto ball' suit as they race through a sidescrolling platform level. Throughout the level are a large number of white balls that players attempt to collect in order to gain points. The levels are also full of hazards such as lasers, bumpers, fragile walls and floors, and giant fans. The game can get particularly heated with four human players. At the end of each level there are four gates that open slowly. Bonus points are awarded for being the first player to make it through the gate, leading to a hectic scrum at the very end of each level. The Rabbid's left-and-right navigation is controlled with the Nunchuk and bouncing is controlled by a downward thrust of the Wii Remote. There are several levels for this mini game that vary in difficulty:
    • Little Big Jackpot
    • Bigger Big Jackpot
    • Big Big Jackpot
    • Ginourmous Jackpot

    Shoplifting (4players)
    No information available 

    Mixing My Toasties (4 players)
    No information available 

    Very Rabbid Shop (4 players)
    Players compete to locate objects in a darkened room by using the Wii Remote as a flashlight.

    "Macho TV"

    Harly Rabbidson! (1 player, balance board support)
    The player holds the Wii Remote like the throttle of a motorcycle, controlling a Rabbid on a motorcycle by adjusting the bike's speed. The road is full of hazards, and the end of the road is very clearly marked by a brick wall. The objective is to come to a full stop without running into the wall, with more points awarded for stopping close to it. The player can also elect to control the game by shifting his or her weight back and forth on the Wii Balance Board. 

    Space Boarding (1player, balance board support)
    No information available
    Different space board courses include:
    • Raving Angel
    • Delirious Divebomb
    • Whatchamacallit

    Pimp My Rabbid (1 player)
    No information available

    A Day at the Races (4 players)
    Each player's Rabbid has a cardboard box decorated to look like something roughly resembling a horse. Players bet on which player they believe will lose in a timed race. The race itself is done simply by shaking the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as fast as possible. At the end of the race the winner receives six points, while any player who bet correctly on the last place player gets two points. The event consists of three races.

    "Cult Classics"

    Rail-Shooter minigame (not the ingame title) (4 players)
    The Rabbids attempt to reenact  cult classics, but are interrupted by some Rabbids wandering around the set in chicken costumes.Your objective is to shoot them down. You're given a minimum number of chicken Rabbids to shoot for each section. Accidentally shooting the Rabbids in character gets you negative points. The different scenarios include:
    • Night of the Zombids
    • Dawn of the Rabbids
    • Star Worse
    • SOS Red Planet
    • SOS Red Planet II

    Rabzilla(1 player)
    No information available


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