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    Crash Bash

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Nov 06, 2000

    The first 'party game' for the Crash Bandicoot franchise and the last of Crash's outings on the PSOne.

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    Crash Bash is a party game made by Universal Interactive. This is the first Crash game not made by Naughty Dog and is made by Eurocom instead. This is the last Crash Bandicoot game to be released on the PlayStation.


    In the far reaches of space, Aku Aku has gotten into an argument with his brother Uka Uka over which is the most powerful. Aku Aku decides to settle the matter by holding a contest. Aku Aku summons Crash and Coco Bandicoot; Uka Uka summons Cortex, Tiny Tiger, Koala Kong, Doctor Nitrus Brio, Rilla Roo, and Dingodile. But Uka Uka's team has too many players, so Aku Aku forces him to surrender 2 of his players, Uka Uka gives Tiny Tiger and Dingodile to Aku Aku. And so the games begin.


    Players play minigames (similar to those found in the Mario Party franchise):

    • In "Ballistix" players block balls and deflect them into other players' goals.
    • In "Pogo Pandemonium", players jump on as many tiles as possible to in order to change it to their color. Points are awarded for those tiles when they break open a box. Whoever gains the most points wins.
    • In "Polar Push" has players ride a polar bear and try to knock opponents off the arena or kick them out with an anvil.
    • "Crate Crush" is a brawl match where TNT and crates are thrown at opponents to knock them out. Wumpa fruit can be eaten to gain health. Players lose when all of their health is depleted.

    These are the first four available games. When these games are complete, players are able to fight against a boss. Each boss plays a special minigame (for the later bosses, it's the newest minigame). After beating each boss, players are able to move up the game tower, playing new minigames and variations of the earlier games. The new minigame types are:

    • "Desert Fox" in these minigames the four players are put into a combat like situation where players must eliminate the other players with their tanks. The last one standing wins.
    • "Dot Dash" are racing minigames in which the player is tasked with doing laps around a circular race track, first one to do X amount of laps wins.
    • "Medieval" these minigames all vary greatly, but they all carry a medieval theme. The minigames range from shooting gems into targets to blowing up kegs full of gunpowder.

    Crash Bash is capable of having 4 players playing on the same console at the same time using an adapter.


    Aku Aku's Side

    Uka Uka's Side




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