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    Crash Bandicoot

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    Created by Naughty Dog and the title character of Crash Bandicoot, which later launched a franchise, Crash Bandicoot was initially viewed as a mascot for the Playstation and Sonys answer to Mario. Originally starring in a trilogy of plaformers, Crash has branched out to include kart racers and party titles.

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    Willy Wombat Concept Art
    Willy Wombat Concept Art

    The PlayStation hit the ground running and quickly took the gaming world by storm, there was however one thing it lacked – a mascot. Nintendo and Sega had theirs; in fact they had quite literally built empires around Mario and Sonic respectively. Thankfully Naughty Dog came along shortly after and with the help of Charles Zembillas and Joe Pearson they created a lovable character by the name of Crash Bandicoot – a crazy marsupial out to save his girlfriend Tawna from the clutches of the evil Doctor Neo Cortex.

    Crash Bandicoot was created by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin, in an attempt to create a mascot for Sony to rival Sonic & Mario.


    Initially choosing to create a character called Willy the Wombat, early concept art shows a character similar to Crash, with a tail & large tuft of hair on his head. Through the design process various names for the wombat hero were used including Wez, Wuzzles and Wizzy, however the name Crash was finally decided upon due to the character's tendencies to smash crates in the game. It was decided that "Crash the Wombat" didn't scan well, and it was decided to change the species to a bandicoot, naming the character "Crash Bandicoot".

    Crash is covered in orange fur, with a lighter orange covering his torso. His prominent ears generally stick up straight slightly higher than his spiky dark hair, which tufts up just above his thick bushy eyebrows. His eyes are a light green colour. His classic costume consists of dark navy sneakers and bright blue shorts. However, he has worn various other outfits as the situation requires.


    Crash was iniitially a silent protagonist, the games stories are told through the dialogues that other characters have, with Crash speaking gibberissh in order to evoke emotions - this was a deliberate measure to have the player feel a larger connection to Crash. While he is never portrayed as particularly intelligent, Crash always prevails against his nemesis Neo Cortex. In later games Crash's personality takes on a more slapstick, humourous role.


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