Really Easy Content Creation inside and for Video Games

I want to be more productive with my time playing video games. More accurately I want to create stuff easily. This list is for games or game tools that make creating content really easy either by simplifying the process and letting creativity flow or some form of gameification or in other ways.

This list is very incomplete. I only know these few games and am posting this list because I am looking for suggestions.

Spore creatures

Gal Civ Ship designer

List items

  • Says everything:

  • The ship model builder. Attaching pieces to each other is really easy and even in the middle of a tough 4x gridlock I had the time and patience to make a new and weird ship model. Afaik this feature is available for all versions of GalCiv2 but I picked this one because of the really good developer/modding tools that are available only with this version. Example: Example:

  • The popularity says it all?

  • This may not be useful for most people but I had much fun scripting the helper AI. Maybe the user needs to have had lots of frustration with micromanagement in other games for this to work.