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Oldschool reviews:Mega Man X

Hi guys!So  i just started this new blog series called Oldschool reviews!Also thanks to Xeiphyer for the snazzy editing tips ^.^!Anyway its about time to start this!


Mega Man X is an awesome game,but its hard as shit.Now i could probably conclude this review right now but i will not!


Gameplay in Mega Man X is pure awesomeness!Controlling Mega Man X is as fun as ever,and that is certainly useful when it comes to the platforming which feels as sturdy and challenging as ever!As for the combat,this is where MMX really shines.All the enemies are really fantastic and aren't repetititive at all (you got:shooting cars,bombing bees,something,huge ass robots,helicopter bees shooting shit etc.)there is also a lot of variety in the mission design,sure its still al shoot em' before they shoot you but the boss encounters,make all the difference in the world and i'm not even being sarcastic!Its hard as shit,but its sure fun as shit!


Well,the graphics are pleasing to the eye but nothing better than any other game on the system!Lets face it,it was REALLY hard to make an SNES game stand out graphically amongst others,and to my knowledge,the only ones could pull it off were Konami and Super Castlevania IV! Ill review that game next time :).


However,the sound is really great:everything from the music to the sound effects its all really REALLY REALLY REALlY  awesome!The shooting feels satisfying BECAUSE of the sound,the music is a GREAT 8-bit rendition and it all just goes great,and the music almost always seems to fit with the action going on on your screen!


 Yeah,no!I barely got through the game the first time,and the only thing that kept me going back is trying to master it,but chances are you will kick the living shit OUT OF YOUR MOTHERFUCKING SNE FATHERFUCKING S!The game is so frikkin hard so there is extremely little replay value!I am sorry to say but Mega Man X gets a louzy 3.8/5.Now it would be at least 4.5/5 but its 50 $!