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A Moving and Beautiful Journey Through A Haunting Fairytale 0

With a moving story and exceptional presentation, Brothers is a fine addition to the recently expanding list of short, simplistic indie games with a focus on narrative and tone. While maybe not quite as brilliant and Journey or Gone Home, Brothers is still an incredible game that is absolutely worth playing. At its core, Brothers is a puzzle game, although the puzzles are not the focus of the experience. Instead, Brothers doubles down on its unique control mechanics which mirror the themes of th...

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An All Around Shoddy Effort 0

 Some games hold up well over time. Their timeless gameplay, outstanding art direction, or powerful story ring just as true ten years after release as they did the day the game was put onto store shelves. Then there are those games that focus solely on pushing technological boundaries. Some look prettier, some try to be bigger, and some just try to be more ridiculous than any game before. Eventually, though, technology evolves, new gameplay elements are created, and these games' lack of c...

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Limbo is a haunting and masterful journey 0

 Limbo is a dark game. Many developers claim that their games will illicit a strong response from the player, but very few do. It is all the more amazing, then, that what may be the most powerful experience released this year has but one line of setup, no dialogue, and not a single cutscene. Instead, Limbo creates reactions from the players through its oppressive, crushing, and suffocating atmosphere. Limbo is a game of no color and little light. Inky blacks permeate the screen, while des...

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Solid Story and Atmosphere Partially Hides Boring Gunplay 0

 The fog around you bristles with a palpable dread. You stumble forward, axes whistling by your head. You dodge the cold of a rusty knife and sprint towards a generator in the distance. Your breath haggard, you fumble with a flare lighting it only seconds before a chainsaw mauls your gut. The Taken shrink back from the red spark. You grab the string on the generator, pulling it quickly to start it. The generator stalls as your flare dies. You quickly light another one, shivering in the col...

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While it benefits from an often unmatched presentation, God of Wa 0

Five years ago gamers were introduced to the anti-hero Kratos. A warrior on a quest for redemption, he served the Goddess Athena and longed to destroy Ares, the god of war. Two main entries and two spinoffs later Kratos is finally ready to take out his final vengeance on the gods. God of War 3 is the most polished and mechanically deep entry in the series, but its slavish dedication to series mainstays weakens what could have easily been the best game of this generation.As is par for the series,...

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God of War holds up magnificently a half decade later and remains 0

As I pass through the archway, flags billowing in the ash and ember that congests the air, I wonder what great scene of amazement will next assault my senses. No manner of visual splendor previously attained could have prepared me for what I see now. In the distance a towering giant, a lone God of War, battles against thousands of hopeless Athenian soldiers. I stare in awe, my mind reeling from the vista laid before me. Now this is a video game.These thoughts, or some similar, most likely passed...

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Easily the best game on PS3, Uncharted 2 is an unparalleled inter 0

In 2007 Naughty Dog released Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. The Tomb Raider-esque game featured an unparalleled presentation that was backed by repetitive gameplay elements that brought down what could have been an amazing experience. The situations that hero Nathan Drake found himself in were dull, and while the game was polished and fun for a time, it eventually got old. The action movie feel the game was going for was just never fully realized. Two years later Naughty Dog is back with Uncharted ...

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Incredible production values anchor this fun but repetitive actio 0

For years Naughty Dog has been one of Sony's premier studios, pushing the limits of each successive Playstation system further and further. Never before, though, has Naughty Dog pushed a Sony platform as far as they have with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Released in 2007, Uncharted simply looked better than any other console game on the market. Two years later its sequel has easily dethroned it, but Uncharted still looks better than most any game out there. Unfortunately for Naughty Dog, the actu...

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Ratchet and Clank Future is one of the most addictive and purely 0

Insomniac, long the premier Sony second party studio, has been making addictive and polished action platformers since Spyro on the PS1. Their releases have consistently pushed the boundaries of Sony's various machines, but have also always stood in the shadow of more revolutionary entries in the genre. With the release of Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Insomniac has again pushed a Sony console to it's limits with lifelike animations, detailed texturing, and massive, interactive ...

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Though it suffers from numerous technical issues, Wolverine's com 0

Generally movie tie-in games are among the worst in the industry. Usually quick cash ins with limited development time and tiny budgets, it's the rare movie game that rises above the lowest dredges of the gaming barrel. So going into X-Men Origins: Wolverine there was a general expectation that this experience would be a disappointing effort by the usually strong Raven Software. It was a great surprise then that Wolverine is a solid effort. It's still not among the upper echelons of the gaming l...

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God of War Chains of Olympus is a weak and diluted experience tha 0

While the action adventure genre has long been a tantamount piece of the gaming landscape, for years it was overshadowed by platformers or, more recently, the first person shooter. In 2005 Sony released a game created by its Santa Monica studio called God of War. This gritty, gruesome piece of hyper violence invigorated the genre, bringing it to the forefront of the industry. Four years later the term "God of War like" has come to define a genre of copycats made by virtually every company in the...

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Flower is a monumental achievement bound to be discussed by both 0

The modern gaming landscape is littered with countless sequels and me-too copycats lacking any form of originality. Even those few games that attempt to do something fresh usually fall into the traps set by previous games, with archaic features like limiting save-points, incompetent AI, or even more generally, a classic zero sum architecture, in which there is a clear winner and a clear loser. As our medium evolves though, the term "game" becomes more limiting, as new interactive art pieces crea...

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Genji is a derivative hack and slash with few redeeming qualities 0

Genji: Dawn of the Samurai is an action game similar to almost every other samurai action game out there. From its uninspired story, to it's horrendous save system, to it's mundane and repetitive combat, Genji is a disappointing first effort from upstart Japanese developer Game Republic. You may have heard this story before. It's about a reclusive and wholly innocent warrior with a mysterious past who is thrust into a dire conflict against his will and is eventually recruited by a wise man to s...

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The tired Call of Duty formula returns for another round but it's 0

NOTE: This review is only for the single player portion of Call of Duty World at War, and is scored accordingly. Please take that into account when reading this piece. Thank you. The Call of Duty franchise has been a staple of the first person shooter genre this decade, starting out life as a PC exclusive before entering the console wars for the second iteration. With four numbered games and a half dozen spin-offs behind it, Call of Duty returns with World at War. The same formula that has been ...

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Braid single handedly redefines the limits of Xbox Live Arcade, a 0

Some games change our conceptions about interactivity. Some entice us with bloody violence and frantic action. Still others offer vast worlds filled with countless hours of gameplay. Braid is none of these things, and yet it is vastly superior to countless big budget titles. It succeeds not only because of the depth of its signature time mechanic, but also because of its excellent merger of production, design, and storytelling. It is a masterpiece unrivaled on the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace, a...

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Blacksite is all around a fly-by-the-numbers shooter 1

BlackSite: Area 51 is a game that can best be described using the analogy of a summer blockbuster. That is, this game is at times loads of fun, but to enjoy it you'll have to accept the weak graphics, AI, and and level design. Like a summer movie, you will get your day's worth of entertainment, but don't expect to be playing this game time and time again, especially when one just like it, albeit much better made, comes out almost every week.In BlackSite you play as Captain Pierce, a US Marine wh...

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A Masterpiece of Interactive Fiction 0

Irrational Games (now 2K Boston/Australia) has been around for a long while. While the company has a nice track record as far as critical acclaim goes, it wasn't until they released Bioshock that the company met with commercial success and was bought by Take Two subsidiary 2K Games. Of course this isn't a review of Irrational but of their glorious underwater epic, Bioshock.Bioshock tells the story of a nameless hero whose plane crashes in the ocean next to a mysterious lighthouse. Of course the ...

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A short yet inspired action RPG romp 0

Bioware is one of the best RPG makers in the world of gaming. Few will argue this point, as the company has a catalog that includes such hits as Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights and KOTOR. For Jade Empire, Bioware decided to build a universe based on mythic China and create a combat system revolving around classic martial arts. The result is a game that lacks depth but remains enjoyable enough for it's 20 hours of playtime.You begin Jade Empire by selecting one of several character models each ...

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A Dark and Gritty romp through poorly built gunplay 0

Of the many games released on the last generation of consoles, few were as influential as The Chronicles of Riddick. The hard work of actor Vin Diesel and developer Starbreeze payed off with a game that remains one of the elite examples of a genre-bending first-person game. It's with little doubt, then, that Starbreeze's first current gen offering has been awaited with gaping, salivating jaws. For those interested, I will say right off the bat that The Darkness is not as good a game as Riddick w...

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Survival Horror With a Great Action Twist 0

The survival horror genre started off in the early 90's with a PC title called Alone in the Dark. Now, 15 years later, the survival horror genre receives one of its most unique and disturbing entries. The Suffering is a game about Torque, a deathrow inmate with a mysterious past. Torque was accused of murdering his wife and kids, and, after being convicted, was sent to Carnate Island's maximum security prison to await his execution. Of course, the minute Torque arrives things go to hell, literal...

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A classic Mario experience with some cool new rims 1

New Super Mario Brothers is both an ode to the classic days of gaming and a reminder of the changes that have refined the industry over the twenty years since the original. Gamers know Mario. He’s one of the most iconic figures in the annals of gaming history. A stalwart and standard for over twenty years, the red hatted plumber returns to his 2D roots on the DS, while at the same time offering some fresh moves that brings him up to the modern day. /One part of Mario that hasn’t changed is the s...

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An enjoyable and visceral shooting experience 0

FEAR has to be one of the hardest games to review for several reasons. For one, it's almost impossible to describe the pure adrenaline rush of some of the game's most intense firefights, but also because this is a game which is much greater than the sum of its parts. FEAR combines frenzied first-person-shooting sequences with terrifying horror segments to create what must be one of the most nerve-racking and atmospheric games ever. FEAR tells the story of a nameless agent of the First Encounter ...

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An incredible one of a kind masterpiece 2

You appear, shaken, to a nightmarish town. A blue toned hue pervades throughout the landscape and in the background you can hear children laughing. Your eyes dart around, but the town is empty, haunted by a ghostly silence. The Phantom Dust swirls around you, formulating itself into three distinct capsules. You stride over to one, aware that in moments you could be engaged in the fight of a lifetime. After inhaling the pure energy of an Aura Capsule, you vault over to a gleaming crimson Attack C...

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A fun if repetitive action game 0

            Last generation was somewhat of a rebirth for developer Capcom. While the PS1 generation saw the company introduce its popular Resident Evil series, the PS2 generation saw them perfect the formula. Maybe as important was the creation of a new franchise by Resident Evil creator, Shinji Mikami. Devil May Cry defined a generation of action games and paved the way for such beloved games as Ninja Gaiden and God of War. Now a new generation is upon us, and though Mikami has moved on, Capco...

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Halo 2 is an flawed yet enjoyable shooter 1

In November of 2001, Bungie released a game called Halo. It became the selling point of the then fledgling Xbox and brought with it legions of followers who aptly awaited a sequel. In 2004, Bungie answered their prayers with the release of Halo 2. Continuing the epic tale of humanity's struggle against the alien alliance known as the Covenant, Halo 2 fine tunes Halo 1's already oiled gunplay to shining new heights. Sadly, the bar has been raised since 2001, and the formula which seemed so remark...

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Beyond Good and Evil is a terribly underappreciated game 0

Beyond Good and Evil is a truly remarkable experience. Its completely unique concept and gameplay are both fun and intuitive. It's rare that a developer takes the risk to develop something entirely new. But Ubisoft, known for bending the bar in games like Prince of Persia and Rayman, allowed their internal studio to create a fabulous experience that is marred only by a somewhat trial and error format and it's short and linear, albeit excellent, story .The story in Beyond is, in a word, quite mov...

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