Im getting rather annoyed at Gamefly lately. (Blog)

Ive actualy been a rather big fan of Gamefly over the years. I dont have a job, so I cant afford to buy games that much, or atleast without seeing if they are good first. It has also given me the ability to play most anything I want, which expands my gaming. However, as of late theyve been kinda annoying me.  
First of all, if you want a new release, you have to plan 3 days ahead or more. Because you dont know how long itll take them to recieve the game after you mail it, you usualy have to give them a 2 or 3 day heads up before a new game comes out. I have to plan it out like im doing a bank heist. That means I also have to pick carefuly which day I decide to mail it. If I mail it on saturday for a game that comes out tuesday, I might not get the game that comes out tuesday because they do all theyre game shipping of a new game the day before on monday. Meaning I need to mail a game that I get on tuesday on the following friday if I want to get a new game coming out that tuesday. And if I dont get the game the day it comes out, I probaly cant get it at all for 2 weeks or more because theyre all checked out by launch. that gives me literaly 2 or 3 days to beat a game.  I have to plan it out like im doing a bank heist . 
Secondly, they are very inconsistent on when you get your game. They say they shipped my copy of Mass Effect 2 on PS3 on Monday, marting luther Kind day. It is now wednesday, and I have yet to recieve my Mass Effect 2. Im hoping I get it tomorrow, but its rediculous its taking this long. This is why i still would like theyre to be a place I go to and get the game right in front of me right there, rather then wait 2 or more days in hopes they actualy ship it to me. Gamefly needs to figure out their stock issues.   
i hope im not being unresonable here, but i would like their to be more stock of all games and to actualy get the new release on the day it comes out. But right now gamefly if the best option. Redbox has hardly any video games in their rental service right now.