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favorite game per system i've owned

i did this in a forum post a while ago, so i figured i'd make a list of it, here goes

List items

  • NES. one of the very few games i could compete with my older brothers and friends in. Pac-Man is effing awesome

  • SNES. i don't think i actually played many SNES games, as i remember the Genesis a lot more, but i've always loved SFII

  • Genesis. i have many memories of playing as Tails with my brother (who was much better than me at this) so it didn't really matter if i died but it was a lotta fun racing through levels and pounding on eggman and his minions..or..trapped critters or whatever they are

  • N64. There were a lot of games i loved on the N64 but this one takes the cake. i played through it so many times to find every path i could and did it over and over again. There's too much awesome in this game for me to even begin

  • PS1. This is the game that got me started in my absolute favorite game series, and is now the only PS1 game i own.

  • Dreamcast. Yes, there are better games to choose from on this system, but with this, just as with Sonic 2, it's all about the memories i have from it. i would get together with my older brother and his friends and we would do a 4-team tournament in which we would draft our teams from the entire NFL roster (something Madden can't figure out how to do >_< ) and play with these.."fantasy teams". i picked Warren Sapp first round every time without fail.

  • PS2. There's so many games i wanna put here, like Okami, Shadow of the Colossus, We♥Katamari, FFX, etc. but really...this is easily my favorite PS2 game.

  • Wii. When i first heard of this game, i wanted it. When i heard it was going to be available on the Wii, i knew i had to get it at some point. i got it and it exceeded my expectations.

  • PC. If you wanna say Starcraft is better, i will not argue with you, but this is the game i got attached to. Orcs all the way.

  • X360. this is the only game i want to consistently play nowadays. not sure if you knew this already or not, but i LOVE TEKKEN.