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Story that is more than just a video game

Here are a list of games where the story is more than just a means to the end of you shooting dudes in the face.  These are games that have told unique or deeplying involving storys that disolve the barrier between gamer and character that you see on the screen.
These are my personal opinion but if someone would like to debate about the positions ive placed these in then please post a comment.
Ive only included games from the last couple of years as these are the games that have made the most impact on me.  Ive been gaming since the 80s but my memory is shit :P will probably add to this list as and when I rememeber titles.

List items

  • From beginning to the very dark end this game put Rockstar firmly in place as a amazing developer. Red Dead made a Western every gamer wanted to be a part of with story that is being made into a full western film with real actorys as we speak. Every character has a certain charm and the nail biting climax to John Marstons final stand left everyone with there mouth on the floor.

    Such a sensational title with a riverting story to remind us all why being in the wild west is so much damn rooting tooting fun. This gets my number one slot because few other games dare to treat the main character in the way they did.

  • You cant say much that hasnt already been said about this game. The characters are varied with personalitys to match, the mythology is emense and the scope the story covers litterally spans entire solor systems.

    All this considered its a great feat that Bioware manages to make characters with whom we can identify with easily. With the exception of the kinda dumb boss at the end of this game the story it self is imensely enjoyable to be a part of. Who wouldnt want to be bad ass saving the our world while keeping peace between the many nations of other planets at peace.

    This gets my number 2 slot because of how well everything comes together. The music, action and emotions evoked (from the final battle especially) climax in a way that makes you want to dive straight back into it again once youve completed it just to see more story branches you may have missed.

  • Never before has the lines between a action/ adventure movie and a video game been blurred so much before. A game I had no problem completeing numerous times due to the characters behaving and acting like real people as apossed to games that have video game actors that are acting right now.

    What I mean is you really get a sense that everything that is taking place might as well be a film you are watching. There is emense weight to each characters emotions and even while all the really crazy shit is going down you get the sense that these are real people doing the best to survive in this crazy situation. Couple that with plot twists, uncovering mythological citys and the cheeky charisma of a one Nathan Drake and you have a story that is pracically a movie already.

    If I let the fan boy in me out this would be at the number one slot but due to the other two games having a massivly fleshed out world this will have to sit at the number 3 slot.

  • Would you kindly consider Bioshock for a moment?

    A game that drill charged its way onto consoles and PC with not just great action but a very dark, twisted story that spliced up our genes and made us go crazy to discover just what the hell went wrong down here.

    Very few other games have reveled the person youve wanted to try and kill for 90% of the game to finally get to him and not only have a incredible revelation but also follow it up with a grotese display of violence that shocked even me.

    The one time a game actually made my stomach churn from my actions. A incredible story its just a shame they had to try and recreate it with a sequal. The main reason for it number 4 slot is that unless you pick up every tape player you can miss vital backstory to fleshing out the universe

  • True. Horror. While most of the scares are obvious there are also a lot of clever moments where even just noises scuttling behind the panels make you freak out.

    Dead space 1 and 2 are pretty much the only franchise that has got me to a buy a book to get more information from this universe. I love horror sci fi much like the original Alien and Aliens film so this was right up my street.

    The classic story of trying to find out why all the crew has disapeered and the ship gone dark is like settling into your favourite chair infront of a warm cosy fire while then suddenly having the airlock sprung open with you holding on for dear life. I digress but when I first got this game i pretty much played it straight all the way through as I got hooked by the story and did not sleep. A deeply disturbing glimpse into our own mortality and the idea of a religion bending truths to try and discover the mysterys of a ancient relic.

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