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Best of 2009

Rekt_Hed: Best of 2009

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  • Simply amazing single player experience from start to finish & Insanely addictive multiplayer that keeps you comming back for more time and time again. This game was the only excuse I needed to get a PS3.

  • Was a serious tuff choice between this and UC2 as both gave me so many hours of entertainment but I put this one at 2 because of the lack of multiplayer and the tonnes of glitches that have been in this game. Some now patched some still out there :P

    (This counts as 09 because of the DLC)

  • One word for you. Dismemberment. It never gets old and its so much fun to do :D Mix all the new ways to kill zombies in this outing with loads of new levels, weapons, characters, game modes and locations. Seriously awesome game.

  • One word for you. Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn :). A beautifully crafted game that finnaly did some justice to the batman francise. (no pun intended). Never has knocking someone out felt so satisying.

  • I'm not gonna rank this any higher than 5 because I know theres prob enough fan boys out there to make this number one without even breaking a sweat. Isnt much to say that hasnt already been said.

    Single player short but sweet. Multiplayer wicked & and spec ops just to keep u on your toes.

  • Played this game so hard. This was a game that got all my mates talking. Pop Cap bringing some seriously addictive puzzle elements to killing zombies :) LOVE IT! :)

  • Have not had so much fun in a puzzle game since Plants Vs Zombies. If uve got a ps3 this is a must.

  • Seriously Insane twisted hot action. Nuff said :P