Disappointing Games of 2010

Like every year, games that are anticipated when release are sometimes let-downs. This is the list for most disappointing games of 2010

List items

  • The previous game had never interested me in one bit, it's a 'fun' sandbox game to others and the sequel makes it worse for you to play. Heck I didn't even play it for a few minutes and thought the controls, camera and gameplay was bland and horrible. What were they thinking?

  • ONE BILLION TROOPS.. remember that crazy Japanese guy saying that? That's unfortunately is what they advertised and fails to be like any other hack-and slash games. It's even worse than the original which the game pits against a somewhat decent plot, while this is a dumbass emo vengeful warrior who after his sister or w/e died wants revenge for the opposing faction and a kingdom that is endangered to this threat making it cliche as possible. And plus countless hours and running back and forth with a huge array of annoying enemies and even obnoxious bosses.

  • Fable II was a huge hit and it was a blast but when Fable III was released, expecting that it has been improved since the previous game, it turned to me and tell me to "fuck off". Yeah this game is like that, with even worse improvements and bad ideas being thrown together alongside with a horrible storyline. That and so much potential wasted with high-star celebrities like Simon Pegg, Bernard Hill, Ben Kingsley and Stephen Fry in this game. I just wish Lionhead should shutup about being a blockbuster "experience" and actually make the game enjoyable rather than lamer.

  • From the story, characters, gameplay alongside marathon of playing - it shows that this installment of FF 13 is a huge letdown due everything the game credits to do so.

  • I did not like one pit of this game, the camera is janky and the platforming bit leaves nothing desired. The story about a rogue working once for Darth Vader now realizes he is a rogue jedi and fights the forces of evil. Seriously the story goes out of nowhere like a poor and lame fan fiction written by a idiot. I am disappointed.

  • Sorry Dead Premonition with your deep and insane storyline and addicting soundtrack but your camera, gameplay and shit-tons of technical issue is this year's disappointing games of 2010.

  • It's just weaker than the previous game, sure there's multiplayer and co-up lefts something to be desired but the gameplay aspect is the flaw in this game.

  • Watching the whole playthrough on youtube, from start to end shows a intriguing story alongside with elements of the original Mafia. What I doesn't shine with its predecessor is the better controls and shooting that it lacks as well as being derivative as it is. Sorry but Godfather and GTA series already done this to the ground before and trying to be Goodfellas the video game isn't doing any justice and the swearing usage.