Same Engine/gameplay/style, different game

For the 2010 awards

List items

  • Same engine from Fallout 3 but even more bugs to shake your ''severed'' head at. Though the gameplay has not changed to be fun and enjoyable.

  • Feels the same as the first Dead Rising, now with a workbench, better AI and the like. Also it still fun as heck to use customize weapons like paddlesaw or emp amplifier gun at zamibes.

  • I really love Fable II but thinking that this is better than that is just disappointing what it came out of Lionhead. Seriously....bad storyline and less fun than its original.

  • After much of the controversy, the game is just like Modern Warfare or Battlefield Bad Company smashed together and it offers yet an all flash but no substance vibe to it.

  • I would say that both games are broken and bad to me but this is even worse than the first one seeing that there's even more bugs in it.