Load Up a Random Giant Bomb Video/Bombcast!

[NOTE: Yes, I already have a thread about this. This blog post is simply for ease of find and use. In other words, this is for you, tiwi.]
Have some spare time? Feel like watching one of the hundreds of fantastic videos GiantBomb.com has to offer? Don't feel like shifting through their huge archive to find something? Do you like art? Then these links are for you!
Use these here links to have a random video/Bombcast from GiantBomb.com load up before you! Each one are automagically updated with each new video uploaded into their respective categories, and I'll be adding a new link with each new video series they create! 

Random Quick Look
Random Office Video
Random P4 Endurance Run Episode
Random DP Endurance Run Episode
Random TANG
Random Video Review 
Random I Love Mondays
Random QOTW
Random Event
Random Interview 
Random TNT 
Random Happy Hour
Random Video Feature (Uncategorized videos)
Random Bombcast  
Random NintenDownload X-Press
If you run into any problems, let me know and I'll get to fixing it as soon as I can! Happy viewing!