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For fans of the franchise wanting to see more of their favorite characters 0

Love Hina Gorgeous was the last game to be developed by Konami based on the popular manga of the same name. The game seems to take a page from Konami's popular Tokimeki Memorial franchise by using a mix between visual novel and study management, with the addition of mini-games.The game sees Keitaro having to pass his final mock exam with flying colors or else Grandma Hina will force him to go to Paris, with roughly 2 week left before the exam he will have to do some deep study sessions and rely ...

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A return to form for this beloved Survival Horror series 0

Resident Evil 7 is easily the best game in the franchise released during the last decade, underneath it's Texas Chainsaw Massacre style exterior is a pure RE title that brings back a lot of the lore and mechanics that made the franchise so memorable.Outside of boss fights there is really no need to fight enemies and for the majority of enemy encounters it is really recommended to save your ammo and hightail it. Space is used to a level of pure genious, with compact locations having multiple pat...

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A game that isn't for everyone, try first before making any decisions 0

The first time I heard of Her Story was when a bunch of people were complaining about how the game was SJW and feminist propaganda and let me start off by saying that propaganda this game is not. Just because a game centers around a female character it doesn't mean that it's something that panders to third wave feminists.Her Story is a very interesting experience, personally I am a fan of visual novels and adventure games so this type of game is right up my alley. Going through the case files a...

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A good entry in the series albeit lightly flawed 0

First and foremost let me mention that I don't like the release module used for this game, I don't think that a Hitman game should be released in an episodic format especially considering that it breaks immersion and pacing, and also that the consumer would be paying for an unfinished product is something that I personally tend to not support. As a result I refused to purchase the game until it was complete and I would only purchase it during a very reasonable sale, with all of this out of the ...

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The prime example of how to not do a Broken Sword game 0

The gameplay is clunky and a complete frustration to control at times, where the previous game used a control scheme for gaming consoles but still made it work somehow this one failed miserably, making it frustrating to play regardless of you using the keyboard or mouse when controlling your character.The facial animations are downright creepy and hilarious, and in my playthrough I came across multiple instances where the player character's left leg would twist into weird positions.Like many old...

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A must for beat-em-up and Naruto fans 0

 DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME THE ULTIMATE NINJA? In February 2007 one of the most wanted games of the year was released in the UK, as a huge Naruto fan I have to say that I was very happy with the release unfortunately the game is being poorly judged because it was released three years ago in Japan and it is being treated as an oldie here. The game is a beat-'em-up based on a popular Manga & Anime which are running for five years and are still ongoing, it features 14 characters ...

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Better than the original. 0

Compared to the first game this one has some improvements and some fall backs. First, what where they thinking by replacing the drawing of the characters in story mode by some framed facial pictures? It was just stupid, can you imagine a frame jumping up and down reflecting Kiba's exitment!? It was just annoying. Thank god this was the only problem with the game. This game plays just like the first one but compared with the first this one has a broader range of selectable characters, it ha...

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Only for Naruto fans 0

A few months ago I bought this brilliant game. And I have to say I was surprised by how good it was. Great graphics, good gameplay and a decent soundtrack. Unlike the Narutimate Hero games in this one you have a 3D background that allows you to side step.The problems that the game has is the Story Mode which is kind of short, it only follows the beginning pf the show until the end of the Zabuza arc, the other problem is the number of characters, there are a total 7 selectable characters and 3 t...

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One of the worst in the series, It gives the show a bad name. 0

A NEW YU-GI-OH! FOR A NEW GENERATION!Or so they say...this is without a doubt one of the worst Yu-Gi-Oh! titles on the market. Konami decided to turn a Trading Card Game into a Chess Card Game, who could have imagined!?In this game the player is taken back through time into a fantasy Medieval Europe where the "descendants" of Yugi and Kaiba are in war for the fate of world. After you start a new game a "Prologue" will start playing, once it's finished you are asked if you wish to run the tutori...

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