What a mess!

So I just woke up and checked out the bomb. All the sweet dreams in the world could not have prepared me for what I just saw. I mean, have you seen the forums? They are in complete and utter disarray. Yesterday, on the first day, the forums were inhabited with nice people and it had a really good vibe going. There was some mention concerning the fact that there was a lack of moderators to keep the forums in check, but most of us agreed things were fine. However, today it turns out to be an entirely different story. The forums are swamped with people spamming all over the place and people using all caps all the time. A lot of people have taken up the fact that there is hardly any moderation as an invitation to just provoke... er, I don't know, something I guess. And of course there is the obligatory posts of people who want to be moderators, brilliant. Or sad... I guess.

I don't know, the site seems awesome, but this is making me sad. On the other hand, most of my submissions to the site have been approved! Yeah!