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YOU THERE! Fill out this page!

[A low-fi video feed of Richard Basehart sitting behind a huge desk flickers onto a CRT screen. The scene is veiled in a cloud of smoke. Basehart sets down his freshly-lit corona and leans forward on one elbow:]

"So there you are. Now listen good - we've got another situation on our hands, and it's one hell of a mess. An advanced computer algorithm, developed jointly by NASA, DARPA, and CERN, has determined that these Giant Bomb wiki pages are badly in need of quality additional content.

[A slender woman, off-camera, hands Basehart a manila envelope and a tumbler of brown liquor. Basehart nods curtly in her direction, downs the glass in one swift motion, and continues:]

"Some of these have plenty of connections to games and whatnot, but the pages themselves need more text. Some of them don't have any text at all, for God's sake! You better believe the Kremlin is buzzing about this thing. Probably knew it before we did.

"All right, you've got your orders, now get moving. And try not to get yourself killed like that other fella..."

[Basehart fumbles with the buttons on his wood-grain intercom for some seconds. Suddenly the video feed cuts out to static.]

(Watch this space for further orders.)

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