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"Woah, remember when THAT game existed?"

This is a list of games that (as I remember it) had a good amount of buzz for a good while, until a day or two after their release. Then the interest level dropped so far, so rapidly, that in retrospect it's hard to believe.

Because I didn't have a broad interest in video games until around 2008, the list excludes any older games that could fit here (please comment with any suggestions!) But I'm intentionally omitting Duke Nukem Forever and other famous flops, because people still lamented/mocked/defended those games for a month or more after they came out. I'm looking for games that kinda disappeared.

Games are sorted by most recent US release. And I don't mean anything negative here. These games are not necessarily bad or even disappointing. It's just fun to remember, after 15 years or just a few months, when THAT game existed...

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