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Wish I wasn't working next week so I can catch GB's E3 coverage live, instead of catching up on the archive.

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Top 500!

Oh yeah, never thought I would make it to the top 500 members on the site. Getting 439 points out of the Thief article was unexpected. It boosted me from rank 1400-1500 to 361. Oh man, I absolutely have to write up another article this weekend. Somehow have to fit it into my schedule. I suppose getting to the top ten would be impossible. But I would be most satisfied with top 50 or even 100.

And in other news, I have been getting spam text messages on my cell. God knows, where these people get my number from. Can my cell provider sell my number to ad companies and such? I guess that would be breaching the codes of the contract. Maybe I can somehow sue them. If I had proof that is.