My favorite games

List items

  • With the combat system imporved, and a less buggy game, totally makes this game, and this game universe my favorite

  • My favorite story in a video game

  • Game consumed my life for years, and destroyed my personal life for awhile. I'm not a MMO type guy but this game is just that good. This would be number one, but there is just no character story in there.

  • I put this on here as more of a series than a single game, this includes the icewind games as well, loved them all.

  • I know this is cliche, but this was my first real JRPG and I loved it despite all its flaws

  • Sucked me in over and over again, played in through it twice and start at least two more times. universe is fanastic!

  • The best final sequence of a game ever

  • Played this game all the way through at least 5 times, just loved the story and the shooting

  • great music mixed with some amazing epic moments

  • game gave me so many "OH MY GOD" moments

  • Jesus I spent so much time playing this, with its random car at the end, shit was rough, espeically the endurance races, hours gone for a random car you might or might not have

  • great sci-fi and action game, one of the best in the genre