ACNL furniture

Furniture series that I have and am looking for:


alpine bed

alpine chair

alpine closet

alpine dresser

alpine kitchen cart

alpine lamp

alpine low table

alpine panel

alpine shelf

alpine sofa

large alpine table

alpine rug

alpine wall


astro bed

astro cd player

astro chair

astro clock

astro closet

astro dresser

astro lamp

astro shelf

astro sofa

astro table

astro tv

astro floor

astro wall


blue bed

blue bench

blue bookcase

blue bureau

blue cabinet

blue chair

blue clock

blue dresser

blue table

blue wall shelf

blue wardrobe

blue flooring

blue wall


cabin armchair

cabin bed

cabin bookcase

cabin chair

cabin clock

cabin couch

cabin dresser

cabin low table

cabin table

cabin wall clock

cabin wardrobe

cabin rug

cabin wall


classic bed

classic bookcase

classic buffet

classic chair

classic clock

classic desk

classic sofa

classic table

classic vanity

classic wall shelf

classic wardrobe

classic carpet

classic wall


exotic bed

exotic bench

exotic bureau

exotic chair

exotic chest

exotic end table

exotic lamp

exotic screen

exotic table

exotic wall shelf

exotic wardrobe

exotic rug

exotic wall


green bed

green bench

green chair

green counter

green desk

green dresser

green lamp

green pantry

green table

green wall clock

green wardrobe

green rug

green wall


kiddie bed

kiddie bookcase

kiddie bureau

kiddie chair

kiddie clock

kiddie couch

kiddie dresser

kiddie stereo

kiddie table

kiddie wall clock

kiddie wardrobe

kiddie carpet

kiddie wall


lovely armoire

lovely bed

lovely chair

lovely dresser

lovely end table

lovely kitchen

lovely lamp

lovely love seat

lovely table

lovely vanity

lovely wall clock

lovely carpet

lovely wall


minimalist bed

minimalist chair

minimalist clock

minimalist dresser

minimalist lamp

minimalist minitable

minimalist ottoman

minimalist sofa

minimalist table

minimalist vanity

minimalist wardrobe

neutral floor

neutral wall


modern bed

modern cabinet

modern chair

modern desk

modern dresser

modern end table

modern lamp

modern sofa

modern table

modern wall clock

modern wardrobe

modern tile

modern wall

Modern Wood

modern wood bed

modern wood chair

modern wood chest

modern wood clock

modern wood lamp

modern wood shelf

modern wood sofa

modern wood stool

modern wood table

modern wood tv

modern wood flooring

modern wood wall


polka-dot bed

polka-dot chair

polka-dot clock

polka-dot closet

polka-dot dresser

polka-dot lamp

polka-dot sofa

polka-dot stool

polka-dot table

polka-dot tv

dotted rug

dotted wall


ranch armchair

ranch bed

ranch bookcase

ranch chair

ranch couch

ranch dresser

ranch hutch

ranch table

ranch tea table

ranch wall rack

ranch wardrobe

ranch flooring

ranch wall


regal armoire

regal bed

regal bookcase

regal chair

regal clock

regal dresser

regal lamp

regal sofa

regal table

regal vanity

regal wall lamp

regal carpet

regal wall












robo-wall clock




rococo bed

rococo candlestick

rococo chair

rococo clock

rococo dresser

rococo lamp

rococo shelf

rococo sofa

rococo table

rococo vanity

rococo wardrobe

rococo floor

rococo wall


sleek bed

sleek chair

sleek clock

sleek closet

sleek dresser

sleek lamp

sleek sideboard

sleek side table

sleek sofa

sleek stereo

sleek table

sleek carpet

sleek wall


stripe bathroom sink

stripe bed

stripe chair

stripe clock

stripe closet

stripe dresser

stripe lamp

stripe shelf

stripe sofa

stripe table

stripe tv

stripe carpet

stripe wall

Cabana (not available for trade)

cabana armchair

cabana bed

cabana bookcase

cabana chair

cabana dresser

cabana lamp

cabana screen

cabana table

cabana vanity

cabana wardrobe

cabana flooring

cabana wall

Bug Off (not available for trade)

beetle chair

butterfly table

caterpillar sofa

cicada stereo

firefly lamp

honeycomb chest

ladybug chair

snail clock

spider clock

stag beetle chair

ladybug carpet

butterfly wall

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Hug your dog (or cat) right now.

My dog, Saga, turned 10 on Saturday.

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The Thursday before that, I found a lump on her shoulder that wasn't noticeable earlier in the week. She had been limping intermittently, and I had been checking her paws and legs to try to find the cause.

On Friday, her veterinarian scared me with the prognosis of possible bone cancer being 4 months. I breathed a sigh of relief when the x-rays showed that it wasn't the bone, but he was convinced she would need surgery, with the likelihood of amputation. We left with some pain meds and a referral to an emergency care vet.

On Monday, we saw a surgeon at the clinic he referred us to. The surgeon took more x-rays and a biopsy to determine what kind of cancer it was (if it was) to know how to proceed further. Any surgery would have to be put off until at least Thursday, if they got the results back early.

Tuesday morning, Saga passed away, and I'm left wishing I had those 4 months now.

Everything happened too fast.