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2019 Had Some Good Games, These Are My Favorite (Sgt Sphynx's GotY 2019)

Sorry for making a title that isn't overly wordy and complex, I'm just really tired. Anyway, this year saw the release of a game that cracked my top 5 games of all time.

List items

  • This game. I don't know if I can convey how much this game speaks to my interests.

    A common weakness of engineers in general is our ability to write, I'm a mechanical engineer and that holds true for me as well for the most part. In general I am terse and very judicious with my words. In general, I do not like to be verbose, I prefer to be short and to the point. To get what I want to say out in as few words and as quickly as possible. I really wish I was better with writing simply so I could praise this game and explain exactly why I love it so much. I wish I had Austin Walker's ability with words and analysis so that I could look at this game and determine clearly those parts that I love so much and grab me and don't let go.

    The ironic part is that I can pinpoint with exacting accuracy the one part of CONTROL that I did not like. Fuck that fridge.

  • You should play Outer Wilds. You should play it without knowing really anything about it other than that it has a first person perspective and involves exploring a solar system. It's just that good.

  • The Resident Evil 2 remake took the top spot on my RE rankings. It took it from RE2. I loved RE2 when it first released on PS1 and they did a phenomenal job with the remake, though I really did not like the part where you play as Sherry.

  • I get a lot out of joy playing Outer Worlds. My pink haired, mohawked engineer with low intelligence and high charm was a good friend to her crew and always tried to do the best for the people of Halcyon. Is it bad that I read so much of myself in Nyoka?

  • Slots 2 through 5 are very close in comparison to all the rest and the order could change base on my mood. Anyway, this is probably my favorite Souls type game. The movement, the plot, the world, the combat, I find it all very enjoyable.

  • One of my favorite genres is Rogue-likes. This is a really good one of those. Haven't beaten it yet, I got to the third main area and hit a roadblock and took a break. It is great fun though and each character plays differently but as you level, they contribute passives to the other characters. Linda is my go-to, but I really enjoy playing as Kevin as well.

  • Full disclosure, I backed this game. A little bit of hyperbole here, but this might be the best Metroidvania (we really need a better term) ever made IMO.

  • There is something cathartic about causing mayhem as the goose in this game. Especially since all the people you mess with are Brexiters.

  • The characters are what i love about this game. Ajna is brash but very endearing, Razmi is the best, Baozhai is a wonderful, shy, lesbian, pirate captain in love with a water deva.

  • I was unaware of this game until it showed up in the Humble Trove. It was so under the radar that I had to make the wiki page just so I could add it to my list of games I beat this year. It's a short game, you could probably beat it in 20 minutes. It's a murder mystery and I highly recommend playing it.