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My GotY list for 2014

Lighter year for me compared to last year. Partly due to being broke, partly due to being in college again. I somehow managed to play 13 games that were released this year, and while I may play another before the year is out, my #1 for the year is set in stone.

List items

  • I heard about this game from the Unfinished Drew did. Immediately after watching that video, I went and downloaded the beta. I enjoyed that so much I bought the game a month before it was released. I don't preorder anymore, it's just not something I do.

    Puzzle games have a special place in my heart; I treasure that "eureka" moment more dearly than most things, which is weird because that moment is tinged with realizing you were being stupid before. Add in a sort of mystery (though not really, I just always try to figure out why something is) of trying to figure out why the human race has died out, and this game pushed the right buttons for me. At times this game also demonstrated that I am still human when I was reading some of the text-logs, I actually got a little misty at the display of humanity in the writing. It's just a beautiful game.

  • And now for something completely different. This game was on top of this list until I played Talos Principle. Humor is a difficult thing to pull off, but this game fucking nails it. Absurdity is the name of the game here and it is hilarious.

  • This is a damn fun game and I really hope the Nemesis System makes its way to other games. The plot was interesting though that ending was kinda whatever. I do understand that their hands were kinda tied with it being before the events of Lord of the Rings, but still. Running around Mordor was fun and even as a big fan of the books, I was unaware that the southern part of Mordor was that lush; there are some legitimately beautiful vistas in the latter half of the game.

  • This game is so stupid, I love it. The premise behind the game is ridiculous, and the gameplay is fucking challenging at times. Farmer Pope was great.

  • Phenomenal game. It really did feel like you were playing an episode of the show.

  • I have a deep love for the NES Shadowgate; there was a time where I could recite everything you had to do to beat it. This game looks gorgeous and had so many call backs to the old games. I really cannot wait for Beyond Shadowgate.

  • Beautiful game. Supergiant Games has an outstanding art style. I really enjoyed the story though I never did get around to that second playthrough.

  • I don't know what it is about this game, but I really enjoyed it. Don't think I will ever platinum it though; that last level is a mindfuck.

  • I really cannot wait for the next episode. The plot is engaging and I want to see where they go with it.

  • I enjoyed Shadowrun Returns and the changes they made for this made it even better.