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E3 2012

Games I'm most hyped up for from E3 2012.

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  • Loved Paper Mario: TTYD and if this is anything like that game then it will easily become one of my favourite games ever. Also, the only game announced at the show that made me jump out of my chair in excitement.

  • I know AC3 has been shown before and is not a new game from E3 but after seeing the new gameplay trailer and seeing exactly how the game will play and look makes me super excited for a new Creed game.

  • Not much to take away from this game but it's definitely one of the games with a lot of mystery around it. Not so sure how it plays, what the multiplayer is like etc. but it looks fantastic and the hacking mechanics look fun and interesting.

  • This game looked phenomenal, I loved Rayman Origins so more of that is good in my books.

  • Burnout Paradise is my favourite racing game ever. I never played Hot Pursuit but it looked interesting, but if this game is meant to be like those two games that a lot of people have said is true then colour me impressed.

  • I'm a huge South Park fan, and knowing their next game is going to be an RPG made by Bethesda, that's exciting. And the fact that the game looks exactly like the TV show is really cool.

  • Big fan of the first Luigi's Mansion, haven't seen much of this game but I know I'll want to get it as well as a 3DS.

  • I only ever played the first Pikmin game, not the second, but this game getting announced is enough to make me want to get back into those first two games. I love the art style, the humour and the blend of RTS and action in these games.

  • It may just look and potentially play like your modern day shooter, but this game look really colourful, as apposed to the standard greys and browns of your modern warfares and not what. But as well as the colour pallet this game has a really interesting and mysterious story. Oh, and boobies.

  • I have no connection what so ever to the XCOM franchise, but briefly seeing this real time strategy game got me intrigued. I love that style of gameplay and the base building mechanics looks good enough to keep me interested in this game.