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Best of 2010

Here is my top ten games I bought and played this year and its worth mentioning that their is a huge quality drop between Just Cause 2 and Alpha Protocol. I think this is every game that I played in 2010 that came out in 2010.

List items

  • Took me by surprise and Rockstar creates another great open world, a really good story also helps.

  • Its Mass Effect and I love me some Mass Effect. Misses the top spot simply because of where Bioware took the story or more like where they didn't.

  • I really like Halo. A good campaign with some decent characters and the multi-player is just fantastic.

  • Loved the story and atmosphere. The almost constant narration was a nice touch.

  • Really like the game as the world felt very alive and the interaction with NPCs is much better than Fallout 3 I also didn't see any major bugs while playing on PC.

  • A disappointing single player that totally changed the guys of Bad Company from likable buffoons to half-assed Modern Warfare clones spouting bullshit military jargon. The game does however have a totally awesome multi-player section which seemed to be the main focus for DICE.

  • A incredibility massive, great looking, great playing, totally insane sandbox game that keeps it story so light it may has well have come without one. The action is crazy and the physics are loose the result is probably the most mindlessly fun game of 2010 or perhaps the decade.

  • Not a bad game but not a very good one either I enjoyed my time with it none the less.