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It's odd when you don't know someone personally and they pass. For figures that are in the public media it can be very easy to take it with a pinch of salt, as you don't really know what they are like or how they really live their life. It's testament to what a great job Giant Bomb has done over the years of making fantastic web content that this is hitting me much harder than I think "just another public figure" would. Seriously,..this is a sad day.

My thoughts go out to his wife, friends and, obviously, the rest of the GB crew. I couldn't imagine working with someone so closely for that amount of time, on something that was so personal as this site is, and then having to go through losing them at such an unfair age.

RIP Ryan.

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@forcen: Thanks for the advice! The bot is pretty good. Got a code right away.

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Is there any kind of deal for buying them all? Or a select amount of them? Usually there is, the difference being I could see myself buying 4 out of 5 of these (Sorry Poker), so if I got free points for buying that last one or whatever I might do that. 
Still, despite having played hours and hours of Torchlight on the PC, I am excited to get it on the 360. I spend more time in front of my TV than monitor, so I will probably get a little further than I have done in the past.

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@Tebbit said:
"  "It could take 5 hours to complete" it says in that article. That's like... an hour less than it took me to finish the entire game. I'm calling shenanigans on that estimate. "
Agreed. They say it's slightly larger than a level from the main game? Then that's not 5 hours, unless they mean bigger as in actual size and the area is packed full of stuff.
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@ch13696 said:
"People that only own consoles most likely don't know Diablo and will wonder where the first 2 games are. "
I seriously doubt there are many people who own a games console and not a PC... 
I have always been interested in this sort of game on a console. Torchlight seems like it could work well, with a bit of faffing about with the controls. I am really interested in Diablo 3 though, and as I don't have the best PC/Laptop in the world, a decent console version would be perfect for me.
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I did. Super Meat Boy, Costume Quest and some Rock Band DLC pushed me over 2400. Still no points, but they've still got time. Hope it's soon though, I want to use them on exporting Rock Band 2's set-list in to 3.

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Bah, I can't do Saturdays. That sucks. Oh well.

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I am glad the second point is just a glitch, I hadn't noticed I was missing Tenacious D yet, but that would have bummed me out eventually. 
As for the Rock Band 1 songs, I don't get that answer at all. I read the post, and understand for Heir Kommt Alex and Rock n' Roll Star, but Soundgarden and Chillis don't make any sense, as they were main set-list, on disc tracks worldwide. I liked those 2 songs, so it's a shame. It would be nice to see a proper explanation.

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I hope Kinect does well because it actually has the ability to enrich the games we currently like. Thins like voice commands for a squad based shooter, or head tracking, or hand gestures could all be used in things like FPS's to add another layer over what's already there. That to me is exciting, it just might take some time to get there, but it has more core gaming potential than the Wii remote and Move do simply because it can be used as an extension to the ordinary controller, rather than a replacement. 
I guess what I am saying is that this is really the wrong piece of tech to get outraged about, if you had to get outraged at all. Move was more of a Wii rip, all be it with a slightly higher fidelity to it, and that's not really pushing new ideas rather than just reselling old ones. Kinect has potential to have to some really cool, innovative concepts come to it, and I for one am all for that, whether Microsoft wants to present it as a family focused product or not.

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I got stuck somewhere in the second set of pro trainers. I just left them to it, and went to town on easy pro keys. I've played every song in that now, and am to the point where I am 5 starring everything. It got me comfortable with my placement and made me a lot more confident with that. Now, with going up to medium, it's back to the trainers, and they will hopefully be easier because of this. Once I finish the second set, I will probably go off and do everything again on medium, hopefully getting me ready for the next set of lessons. 
I am no master, far from it. I was a complete novice, and I think I hit the same wall that you guys seem to be hitting at various points. Doing this helped me, going slow is possibly the right thing to do, but who knows. At the very least, I hope I helped a little. Although, it is just the "pactice, practice, PRACTICE!" route.