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I just like it when stuff blows up.. 3

    If you've played and enjoyed Battlefield: Modern Combat multiplayer then you know exactly what to expect with Bad Company. Dice takes battlefield games to a whole new level with Bad Company both with the new comedic spin on a squad of soldiers sent out before the real army to do some initial damage and basically, not get in the way. But simultaneously redefining the war game genre for all games to come.    Let's start with visual & audio presentation. Visually Battlefield Bad Company is ...

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Consumes You 0

    Killer mutant snake's that spring out of your back and devour hearts of your dead enemies? How could you possibly go wrong with that? You cant. In The Darkness you take the role of Jackie the ex-mobster, Jackie the demon spawn, Jackie the lover not the fighter. Yes, The Darkness blends a mob story with a demonic curse accompanied by a love story. It sounds like an utter train wreck but it is astonishing on The Darkness combines all of these elements into one solid story.   The story. Clearly...

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A Galatic Jawdropper 3

    Arguably every RPG that has come in contact with Bioware has been solid gold, it's first step into the pool of next-gen was highly anticipated by many RPG fans and action based game fans alike, it was a serious level Bioware targeted, a diverse universe full of planets to explore and species to interact with was something no company had touched in the next-gen age.    Right from the start of the story your emotions are split up into the Renegade or Paragon spectrum. The career decisions was ...

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