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Disc Vs. Digital PlayStation 3

To start off there is no clear winner it’s based on many factors

For example if you missed out on playing a lot of video games released in the past

you can now download a lot of games released in recent years to your HDD

from online PSN Store game prices ranging from $20-30

so if you have the space to spare i.e. a large HDD this is the way to go for classic video games

When it does not matter?

Recent video games like Dishonored and Far Cry 3 disc versions

have a partial install that equals an or nearly the full size of the game

Dishonored partial disc install is 5GB the digital version being 6GB

Far Cry 3 you actually do a full disc install of the game

both partial and digital version being at the same size nearing 6GB

Downloading The Digital Version of New Video Games Released?

With Sony’s campaign for Day 1 Digital on PlayStation 3

a lot of the major games can be downloaded but at the same price as retail $50-60

The first thing is what type a game is it?

if it’s a large sized long game with a large download size ranging from 15-20GB an or more then overall the digital version is the way to go

since the partial install size usually does not come close to half an or more of the total size of the game Ni no Kuni for example

a game where your going back and forth between battle screens a lot

so in the long run this a good example of why to go digital

However this is where it gets tricky with a game like Hitman Absolution that actually has no partial install that is a 19GB game

the disc version is fine to go with since the way the game loads the world via classic leveled campaign structure

digital version not having much of a large advantage in this regards

Will Retail Disc ever be abandoned?

No at least not on the next life cycle of next gen consoles PS Orbis & Xbox 720p

However with Sony going nearly full digital expect Microsoft to follow as well

most video games to be available to download on date of release via online stores

possibly having special DLC content

In the end retail disc sales will drop off 2-3 years into the next gen consoles phase

making way for the full digital video game revolution kicking into future consoles


Why do you like Black Ops over MW2 (MultiPlayer Panal)

The Rules

You have to like Black Ops more then MW2 which should not be hard...
No former IW fan boys who are jealous or jumped on the bandwagon
Only real general COD fans with experience with series starting with at least the break out game COD4
And as always keep it fucking clean


Okay so a lot have been saying their not that great as MW2 but I could argue it's based on your preference BO uses a different skin whether or not it's more pretty or not is a endless debate
me personally prefer it over MW2 which has a more arcade flat crisp look but BO has more of gridy realistic look that you would kind of see in
recently MOH not as polish but still provides it's own look to make it unique

Gunplay Weapons Balance

What I notice and had a hard time with was the early weapons which were normally like previous games MW2 etc.
the most powerful overall but that's not the case anymore
this in part cause of the new economy money system so when you buy a gun your actual getting a improved step up gun
like when I got the SMG AK-47U my favorite weapon in the COD series which still dominates!
it was so satisfying to get some decent kills going I'm not the greatest player in the world cause I don't play as much as I wish I could
and I don't use lame tactics camping and what not
cause I run & gun like the way the game is meant to be played so I need a gun like AK-47U to take down the tryhards


Can make or break a MultiPlayer it is the most impotent part as I said before TreyArch makes the best maps!
I did not like the maps in MW2 at all they were just off bad pacing bland over layout structured rat mazes
BO maps have actual heart in them and are exotic crazy locals that are beautiful designed for all game types creating for solid balance
which again is very important for longevity and balanced competitive fun


Co-Op taking on hordes of Zombies = awesome enough said

Call of Duty Black Ops Combat Training Mode Feedback

 A new mode that is a mock version of MultiPlayer with AI Enemy Bots that TreyArch has introduced to their latest Call of Duty game Black Ops
Access from MultiPlayer 
You can earn experience point that goes toward your Level & Rank as well as Cod Points or credits i.e. money as part of the new economy progression system when unlocking varies items weapons attachments etc. 
All of which is a standalone component separate from the  actual online MultiPlayer in other words it's not universal
You can face off in 2 game modes Free For All FFA & Team Death Match TDM with up to 4 difficulties
I'm pleasantly surprised with this mode sporting the following setup 
TDM 4 Vs. 8 on Regular 
The kills are not handed to you the Bots are pretty deadly might I say better then most players themselves going for solid fire bursts at your head providing for a great overall challenge
You can also invite friends on you list to play with which I guess acts as a unofficial co-op mode as well 
one other thing you may notice is if you have a lot of friends the Bots names will be of them so don't get surprised or scared ^__^ 
So what do you guys think about this new mode to the series?
For me I F'ing loving it! 
if I had to give it a score on it's own I give it a 5 out 5 star rating!