Bring em' back! (Maybe?)

These past months I've seen collection after collection of games that were first released on the PS2 and Xbox making returns with 1080p visuals, 3D editions, and bundles all wrapped into a neat little package. Soon PS3 owners will have the original Splinter Cell Trilogy on one Blu-ray with promised enhanced features.  Are these collections good or bad? 
You could probably have strong arguments for both sides I guess. Here are a few I put for both: 
Expose Great games to an audience that may have never played the games in the past 
Second Chance to improve on a classic 
Great collector's Item and most are $39.99 
Takes time from development of new titles 
Could be argued as an cheap cash in during the relaxed downtime in deveopment 
As a consumer, I feel it's cool to replay certain games from the past. I can't wait to play Beyond Good & Evil HD, but don't really feel the need to play through the original Splinter Cell games again. 


Games I'm Playing this weekend (march 6th)

The Weekend is here which means a little more time to play games. Here's what I hope to get around to playing this weekend:

Call of Duty: World At War
-I'm trying to play on Veteran Mode, but it seems a lot harder than Call of Duty 4. Also If you play online this weekend, remember that you will receive Double the Experience!

The Darkness
-I can't believe I didn't play this game more when it first came out. The graphics and gameplay can still tangle with the new releases out now.

-Also since Watchmen came out, I'll play the demo again of the End is Nigh, also wishing It wasn't 1600 points ($20 U.S.D)

That's what I'm playing, hopefully Resident Evil 5 will be on the playlist next weekend. What are you guys playing?


Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star...

I played Dead Space about a month ago and enjoyed it. I just finished watching the animated prequel named Dead Space Downfall. It was a great movie and takes place right before Issac and crew arrive. Watching the movie only made me want to play more and now that there's a demo available, Ill get to play it again. Hopefully I can get the game sometime in the future.

After Beating it, I still want to play!!
After Beating it, I still want to play!!


Have a good holiday

Thanksgiving is almost here which means lots of eating and watching parades. Holidays are also good on catching up with family members and sleep from school/work, etc. But thanks to all the awesome games that have come out over the stretch of a couple months, this is the perfect time to play games.

 I hope to finally finish Fable 2, Nuts and Bolts, and reach level 20 on fallout 3. with DLC around the corner for Fallout and Fable, it will great to finish up those games to get ready. Happy thanksgiving to everyone and make sure to keep your console of choice busy as well!!

have a good turkey day!!
have a good turkey day!!


Hi fellow Giant Bombers!

Im starting to post reviews and blogs, just want to say hi to those that read this or my reviews. Im finding it hard to select games I want to buy and games I can just rent. Any1 else feel this way? I bought Fallout 3 and Fable 2 but now I want Gears 2 and Nuts and Bolts. Maybe have to save some for christmas time.

Xbox Live GT: silver DewSky

I like to play online in: Halo 3, Cod4, Waw Beta, Saints Row 2, Fable 2, Gears 2 when it comes out.