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i guess i donated a week's worth of pay to Child's Play Charity

I donated 301 dollars to Child's Play Charity, through the Ragequit.Tv 48 hour stream.   it is good to donate. It is a good cause.  C'mon people you can donate too.
The total so far, is almost 3400 dollars. someone else donated 200 and 300 dollars,  but i decided to 1up them with 301.
Someone 1 up me... and it's still all good. that another 300+ dollars for CPC. i donated with ChipIn through


My Amazon order just came in.

I got Deadly Premonition, and a book, "Sound of the Beast The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal" by Ian Christe.
I decided to get the book, and Amazon suggested Deadly Premonition, which was 16 bucks, and added up to my super saver discount and free shipping.
At just under 400 pages, I don't think this book will take me long to read, but will take longer if I start listening to some of the bands as I go through the chapters.
I don't know how much  I will play Deadly Premonition.  I saw both ER's.  So I might play just enough to feel how janky it was while they played... I dunno.


Diablo 3 more info makes me interested again.

I played SO Much Diablo 2 ...  SO MUCH.  I even played on a couple of private realms with user mods.  I really liked D2, but with Vista and Win7 not fully cooperating with my D2 and MH, I pretty much quit playing it, and moved on to other games.  I still feel the urge to play some more D2 at times.  I like Hardcore.  I really like playing some modded D2 on private realms, as using Mousepad's MH doesn't cause any problems on any of the realms I played on.  I did get banned on BNet for MH.  I played for quite a while before I started using MH, so it made finding bosses and stairs less annoying, as well as adding some useful stat tracking.
In Diablo 3, I don't expect to use any hacks, at least not for the first few years.  Also, I don't expect to buy multiple sets of CD Keys to use for multiloading/hacking purposes.  I hope D3 is as fun as D2... but I am afraid that if it is, I will waste hundreds of hours of my life playing it, and replaying it.  One of the aspects of D2 i hope to revisit, is the ability to make different builds based on fun skills/item combinations.
I hope I don't go into packrat mode like i did in D2 and have accounts for mules.


Someone at work was talking about Jailbreaking

They had recently jailbroken their Iphone and asked me if I have Jailbroken my Ipod Touch.
I am not sure why I would want to actually Jailbreak my Ipod.  They said I can Txt message with it if I did... but other than that, Why should I?  I guess I will have to look into it... I might find something cool.


How much space...

I am a single guy, about to hit age 30.  I am looking at moving back to my hometown.  i don't make much money, so I can't afford a home that is luxurious, but I don't want a luxury home.  I would prefer a more Cabin-like feel.   I still want high speed internet, and maybe cable TV, but otherwise, I would like to live out in the middle of the woods.  
I like movies, and want to have a home theater like room, even if my "living room" is just more like a theater.  How much space do I really need to be able to accommodate a bedroom, small kitchen area, bathroom, and a room that would serve as a media room/home theater/ where I have my mass of electronic radiation room?
My Tv isn't huge, 40 in LCD.  I have a surround system, 7.1, but i only have 5.1 set of speakers.  In a smaller size theater setting, I think 5.1 would be more than enough immersion., but adding another pair of small speakers for 7.1 wouldn't hurt my feelings... I like speakers.  But, 7.1 isn't much use if I only have music playing.  
So, in all seriousness, how much space is necessary to make a 'cabin' big enough to hold all my wanted rooms?  
As I said, I am looking to move back to my hometown.  I could either keep wasting money on rent, or buy some property.   And, in buying property, I have the option of buying an existing house, or building up a place that is set up to fit my taste. 


Relay for Life

It looks like I will be the new Team Captain for my store's team.  I have to get in touch with some people and start raising money.  Trying to find a cure for cancer is important, and celebrating the lives of people who have fought, are fighting, or lost the fight against cancer is equally important.  Cancer affects us all eventually.  Someone you know... a friend... a loved one... even you may have cancer.   Why wait to make a difference?
I still have to wait to go back and have a spot in my lung checked out before I get any idea if it could be cancerous or not.  Who knows, I may be more than a fundraiser for Relay in the future.


Killin time waiting for ER to be uploaded

I have to say that the Endurance Run of Persona 4 is pretty awesome.   I can't say that I want to play the game iteself.  It looks like it could be a lot of fun at times... but it just isn't for me.  It is all about the commentary and reactions to the gameplay that wins me over.  That game does offer a lot of material to be used by the guys running the show, and it is absolutely hilarious when something happens, they make a joke about how obvious something is... and then the game says almost the same exact thing.   Well, in the beginning that is...  now it is becoming more obvious that all key points are repeated... repeatedly.\

I hope GB will do another endurance run with some other game that isn't something that "everyone" is playing.

My ideas for the next runs:

Noby Noby Boy endurance run?  well, maybe for a week... but no, not really... unless they are drinking while they play. NNB ER drinking games? maybe...

arcade Endurance Run... using actual 25 cent coins...  hell yeah.  but no idea what game. the run only lasts as long as the fat stack of coins allows.


My beta blog

Just goofing around a few minutes before I go to work.

I own a PC, Xbox360, DS, and PS3.

I like video games, and video game information.  I have been a basic user of Gamespot for about 2 years, and have been checking in on the whole time(including the site)

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