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If there's one grievance I have with games these days, it's that they focus too hard on brain-dead cinematic gameplay, and not hard enough on implied story beats. Device 6, from the wonderfully weird developer Simogo, flips that script, and brings an interestingly complex visual novel-esque game to iPad.Without giving too much away, Device 6 is starts with the protagonist waking up in a mysterious location with no memory. It's been the plot behind many games, but it doesn't feel stale here. The...

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The Rules Have Changed 0

Super Monday Night Combat isn't a shooter, per se. I mean, it has shooting, quite a lot, actually, but it doesn't fit neatly into any single shooter bucket. While it's third person, and you're playing five on five, team versus team, the actual game plays a lot like League of Legends, even to the point of having the same character unlock scheme. While I'm all for a free game, if you really like a character, you might feel like putting down two~five dollars to buy them outright, because otherwise ...

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Angry Birds Space Breaks the Mould 0

You probably think you know Angry Birds. It's been on just about every platform that can potentially connect to the internet, serve ads, or checkout an order. Combined with it's immense success in the casual sphere, it has become something of a phenomenon, one that, eventually, hardcore gamers would dismiss wholesale. Which is their own loss in my opinion.Now, I didn't exactly "get" the first round of Angry Birds. I thought it was too mechanical. The moving parts were too obvious. The strategies...

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It's Reputation Precedes it 0

I’ve had Angry Birds on my iPod touch for a while now, probably about a year, as a matter of fact, and I just don’t get it. It’s made a gazillion dollars, has fans all over the world, has fans all over the world, is the top ranking game on iOS, Blackberry, WinPho7, Nokia, PSP, DS, Mac, PC, WebOS, Android and probably more. But I just can’t seem to figure out why. I mean, it’s a simple enough game in concept. You get a specific amount of birds in a specific order, each different colour of which h...

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Zenonia 0

Zenonia is a fun, albeit somewhat generic portable RPG. Even when you can understand the hit and miss translation, Regret does not seem very funny, insightful or clever and the game, though done well, feels generic and oftentimes grindy to a fault.  +1000 EXP!  Zenonia is kind of like Zelda or Final Fantasy, being a SNES-like action RPG. You start off in a small town, your adopted father is killed, and you go on some kind of epic quest to join a guild and save the world. As I understand it, you ...

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Doodle Jump 0

A simple game deserves a simple review:  Doodle Jump is the ideal micro-game: small price for a small game, aside from being a small game content wise, it can provide hours of entertainment as a simple time waster. Since you probably carry your iPhone or iPod touch with you most of the time, it's always within reach even when you are doing something incredibly boring, like waiting in line.  A hardcore casual game, Doodle Jump is nothing if not simply amusing, it won't replace Halo, but it'll suf...

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Scott Pilgrim is the perfect example of how a game can put style before game play to great effect. Even though the game play is well beyond being merely competent, the thing that really won me over was the awesome, comic inspired look, sharp retro soundtrack, a Toronto that looks like it fell out of Super Mario, and some nice video game and referential humor.  Plays Almost as Well as it Looks (and Sounds)  If you like Scott Pilgrim and games, skip this review and buy this game. If you don't know...

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Another solid Mike Whiskey from India Whiskey 0

It's been one week since I bought Modern Warfare 2, and it has me hooked.     Task Force 141- Basically the British SAS from COD 4 If you've played Call of Duty 4, you probably know what this game is going to be like. Between militant Russians, terror cells, and rappelling down walls, it feels like Modern Warfare, but on a grander scale. When you go to play single player, your greeted with a montage of COD 4 footage, to make sure your up to date with the story so far: in the past installment, y...

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The Almighty Sledge! 0

Red Faction Review 1.0 Although the plot is a little basic at some points, the near hitchless piece-by-piece destruction, the grand scale, and quality graphics, sound, voice acting and cut scenes give the game a really pleasant feel. This game beats its contemporaries in destruction in pretty much every regard. And while the destruction is peerless, the setting itself, Mars, is not quite as satisfying as, say, GTA4's Liberty City. The People you meet aren't particularily interesting, but they ar...

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