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I'm backing away from Shmups as slow as I can.

Based from what I've seen in the Hardcore: Uprising QL, it looks like that when mainstream developers wanna make a shmups, they just use tropes from the old ones and ta da, here's a new piece of shit shmup with some HD artwork and an easy mode for the casuals and make the story as impenetrable as possible just so we know the people who discuss the virtues of the storylines is completely crazy. /dusts hands  There was a time when Shmups used to mainstay of  video games, but as we go on in the HD gen, they become more and more incoherent, more complacent to rely on the old ways of making 5 hours of material gameplay stretch out. It's bullshit as far as I know. Becausing using "Oh, you know, it's Contra flavoured" is an ass flavoured excuse from fanboys to make the shitty shmups seem palatable. and fuck the anime in Hardcore Uprising. That is a bullshit way of making money from the damned weeaboo market.  Except for few shmups made in these days that make innovations in shmups an actual thing to use. There is no saving this horse from the glue factory. God help us all should they decide to innovate the genre.