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What? A [Bloggy Post] appears! GIRD YOUR LOINS!

What's on your mind, Skullo?
Libya. Because American politics is so bad and staring into the jaws of conservatism and how awful it is and whining about does no good. So I'm becoming more interested in Mideastern politics. Well about Libya, I'm growing concerned on the tenous grip that Qaddafi has on reality. (DUH. WINNING) and how the rebels are going to combat government forces. The American media is about whether or not NATO/US should intervene. I'm growing more towards a no fly zone in Libya. I don't know why. But government gunships and what not being shot down by NATO forces while the rebels fight with government on their own terms is actually good idea. Al-Jazeera and BBC seem more level headed about this uprising than the American media.  Of course, If I were the BBC, I would be pretty pissed at the Qaddafi for fucking beating up some of my team members.  Also, in a macabre thing I've thought about, what are the odds that Qaddafi gets killed in the fighting when the rebels get to Tripoli. 
Republicans D:!!!!!!
 Run far away from this beast. Run as far away you can possible because conservatives are taking over America and they want to divide America for the taking.  I cannot understate the hatred I have for these fuckers and tea party enablers. I thought Jon Stewart should've ripped into his Rand Paul for his fucking belief in that invisible hand of capitalism will solve everything and that fucking regulations will ruin us all. Oh my goodness, sir, you should go fuck yourself as humanly possible and then fuck yourself hard. Their ideas are horrible and all that. And their cuts hit the poor hard (which lends credence in my mind that republicans hate poor people.) Not that dems aren't doing the opposite thing. But goddamn, I hate the republicans. Also, the next primaries are going to be interesting because we get to see how badly all the republicans are going to take us back to Reagan. Whom I hate with a passion. That whole "I'm laughing because if I weren't, I'd be crying." is how I describe the Republican war on everything that is democratic.


Just one thing:
My god, I love this game more than Diablo. Holy shit. I'm in the middle of the game and loot they give you crazy, holy fuck.  But it's weird, I can only play for a certain amount time before I go, "I'm done with it." I'll be happy when I get a computer that could play Torchlight II. But I cannot tell you how sad it makes me that they're eventually going to make a Torchlight MMO.  Saddens me badly.