The Battlefield Franchise

Which Game is the best of the Battlefield Franchise? My picks for the best of the best.

List items

  • Without a doubt, one of my favorite first person shooters of all time. Incredible maps, great progression system, awesome sounding weapons. Oh and the mods were amazing.

  • The game that started it all, 64 players online, awesome weapons and vehicles. To this day one of the best WWII shooters out there.

  • Destruction. Bad Company 2 is easily the best looking Battlefield game to date (Sans Battlefield 3 of course). The game had rock solid multiplayer with a bunch of fun maps, and a run of the mill yet still enjoyable singleplayer.

  • Special Forces was an awesome expansion that added ziplines, flashlights, night-vision and more to an already stellar FPS. A joy to play online with friends.

  • The remake of the original Battlefield was a neat game to play while waiting for Bad Company 2 to release. It was hurt by the lack of maps, and being abandoned shortly after release.

  • The best expansion pack for Battlefield 1942 added a slew of interesting new weapons and vehicles. It was a neat concept that led to the next game on this list.

  • My biggest disappointing in terms of having high expectations, and receiving a rather mediocre game. This Battlefield 2 Mod had some neat concepts (Like Titan Mode) but fell flat due to the lack of interesting maps and unoriginal ideas.

  • The first true console battlefield added the new "Gold Rush" mode to the game's multiplayer suite. This mode would later go on to become the Battlefield premier mode.

  • The Road to Rome added new factions to the mix, but i honestly played the game maybe twice. Left a very "Meh" impression.

  • Easily the worst PC battlefield game, just a mod of Battlefield 1942 basically. Disappointing vehicles, maps, and weapons.

  • This game was not good. Singleplayer was absurdly hard and uninteresting, and the controls felt off. Overall very boring game for having the Battlefield name.