The Burnout Series

My personal list of the Burnout Series (Ranked favorite, to least favorite).  Comment if you wish...

List items

  • Far and away the best racing game i have ever played. The game at the time was simply beautiful, which by today's standards still holds up incredibly well.

  • Criterion Elite. Enough said.

  • Had a blast with Burnout 2 on my gamecube. My formal introduction to the franchise.

  • Disappointing. Graphics weren't great (I think Burnout 3 looks better), and it felt darker for some reason. Long load times and difficulty moved this further down the list.

  • The original that started it all. Doesn't hold up well, but it was fun while it lasted.

  • Never played, but judging by general things i've heard this is where it should belong.

  • There's no page for the DS version at this point, which is downright terrible. Yeah.... it sucked.