Games Finished/or Quit in 2015

EDIT - I've changed the title of this list. I also want to capture games I played enough of, but decided to put down. Not necessarily just to play other games, although that will happen, but mostly because I don't care to finish them.

I want to track all of the games that I finish this year and my thoughts right when I finished them. I want to use it to see if I can't cultivate a list for the end of the year.

It doesn't matter when they were released, although obviously it will just contain games that I have finished for the first time.

Don't judge me for taking so long to get to some of these.

Warning, there be spoilers, like seriously, I think there are some pretty big ones!!!

Also, a lot of this is stream of consciousness 'reviews' if you will. They are primarily meant for me to read them at the end of the year and remember how I felt about each game. Feel free to read them, but also don't read too much into them. Feel free to hit me up with any questions, or respond if something makes you REALLY MAD, and we can talk about that.

Games I've Quit for Now

  • Child of Light
    • Just didn't grab me the way I was hoping. It feels like a not as great Costume Quest (as far as a "My first RPG" goes. The dialogue and quirky-ness weren't enough to pull me in)
    • I started it, I enjoyed what I played some, but I do have trouble with huge JRPGs on my computer, because it makes it a bit harder to grind whilst doing something else.

Hmm, there seems to be a weird gap of not finishing games between May and September. That seems weird, let's think of games I might've been playing (Terraria, Dota, lots of Destiny probably (I'm so sorry). Yeah it was probs Destiny)

Also I forget to write a bunch of games down, that's why there is a dump at the end.

List items

  • This is an interesting one. I played the beginning maybe 6 months ago and finally finished it on 1/8

    I think we all agree that we are coming to this game for the story. The mechanics and gameplay do a lot to supplement the story, but on there own, do not make a fun game to play (the caveat to this being the rope section I actually enjoyed). But the story is pretty great (although I was spoiled on the fact that you bury your brother), but everything that happens after that, really makes the controls feel like part of the story.

    You only have access to half of your controller for the rest of the game, except during a really interesting part where you have to pull the other trigger to give yourself strength to do what you could never do. I think that part really resonated with me, and that I figured it out by myself made it meaningful.

    The problem is though, most of the rest of the game isn't fun to play. And because the story is building to this very dramatic point, much of it isn't that interesting.

    I rate this game 3*.

  • You guys, this game isn't good!! Finished 1/13

    When this game originally came out, I heard less than exciting things and didn't pursue purchasing it. I really enjoyed Dragon Age 1 back on the ol' 360. It was probably the first RPG of this type (the more complex than KOTR type) that I completed. So, I was disappointed to hear that this wasn't supposed to be good almost unanimously, and instead of doing my due diligence I let this game fall to wayside.

    Fast-forward to sometime in 2014, I think Origin was giving this game away for basically free. I got caught up in the hype for Inquisition, and decided I had to give this game a go first.

    It's bad.

    Here is why:

    It's worse than Mass Effect 1 when it comes to reusing the same environments repeatedly.

    The story is nonsense, especially that ending where hey, it turns out all of your choices didn't matter because no matter who you sided with you ended up killing everyone anyway. Why have a choice?

    The characters were super hit and miss.

    The quests are dumb, primarily thanks to point 1.

    You are in Kirkwall for essentially an entire game. Couple that with the repeating environments for quests and you basically wonder how this game was released as is.

    There are a few good things, for instance the combat is pretty similar to DA:O so that's nice.

    Full disclosure: I did cheat in a whole lot of leveling potions when I was about half way through the game. Since the game was already tedious, I wanted to limit the amount of dumb extra stuff I would have to do, or returning to old dungeons just to beat a specific boss. This game isn't hard by any means, but doing this made it trivial. Not the games fault directly, but I would blame terrible game design for leading me down this path.

    All-in-all, this game is garbage, and there really isn't a reason for anyone to play it. 1/5? Is that too mean? Maybe 2/5 simply because it wasn't broken and was playable.

  • I have historically really enjoyed Legend of Zelda games. I've played through Ocarina, Ages and Seasons, as well as Twilight Princess. I've played pieces of various other games, but have overall really enjoyed the series. Thing is, I haven't played any non-3D Zelda game to completion since I was much younger, and on top of that, had only played maybe half of Link to the Past a handful of years ago, which I quit, because I'm a monster I guess (it just didn't grab me).

    Needless to say, even surrounded by praise, I was a bit worried, that maybe this type of game wasn't for me anymore. My foray into Link to the Past, had nearly convinced me that I no longer could enjoy the non-3D entries into this series.

    Welp, I was super wrong. I bought this game a few months ago and finally got around to playing it. It took me all of maybe 2 weeks to put a bow on this title (get it, because you have a bow....) and I really enjoyed the whole time.

    I was worried, initially, that the item renting system would make this game feel different. I liked in the old games, delving into a dungeon and finding, half way through, some sort of game changing item! While I didn't end up renting a lot (I made money quickly and just sort of bought all the things which was a nice option to have) the system just sort of works. In the beginning, dungeons pretty obviously tell you what items you need, taking a lot of guess work out of the system.

    On that note, between the map basically telling you where you need to go, and the layout of the world being relatively intuitive, I was rarely confused on where to go next. The fast travel system definitely helped in that department, but I still found myself running around grabbing collectibles, because this game laid them out in a way that just made sense.

    Other things I liked:

    The dungeons were the exact right length. I feel like they rarely took over 30 minutes, and even though there were parts that were challenging, the game does a good job making it hard to get stuck.

    The music is amazing. Can I buy it anywhere? I don't know. I want it in my life. UGHHHH.

    There are still upgrades in dungeons. As I mentioned above, I really like that in Zelda games, and fear not, they still are around. Most of them are upgrades to existing gear of some form, but still fell really good to get.

    Also, the upgrades. Sword Upgrades. Tunic Upgrades. Upgrades to like all your weapons. All the collectibles felt worth it, because they were all befitting you in ways that weren't always more rupees (cause they were so many of those) or even heart containers.

    Things I didn't like:

    You know, I don't think there really is anything. I think it could be argued that the game was easier than past games, and maybe there is merit to that statement. But I found that I really enjoyed myself, and that the difficulty although by no means hard, could still be a bit challenging.


    Great game, early front runner for my PGotY 2015. Super surprising. I guess this is a 5* game

  • Many years ago, I played about half of the Witcher 1, and then watched the rest of the interesting plot points on Youtube. While I, at the beginning really enjoyed the ingenuity and creativity of the combat and gameplay systems, they eventually got rather tedious and made the game a slog to continue. This fact was exacerbated by the long gaps of time in between each session.

    When I saw that the Witcher 2 had transitioned it's gameplay to a more traditional one, I got excited to play through it. The thing with the Witcher is that the world and a majority of the characters are super interesting, and I kept wanting to go back to that world.

    Okay, so I finally finished the Witcher 2, which I started, according to my save file, in 2013 (i really should try to focus on one game at a time more often.) I really liked this game. The quest system was easier to follow without handing you all of the details. You still get to hunt monsters, but for the most part, those quests are more enjoyable. Geralt is a pretty cool guy.

    So here are some overview thoughts:

    The gameplay held up better than The Witcher Alpha. I enjoyed the combat and thought it felt good. I do miss the different stances that the first game had, although there seemed to be some context in which Geralt would do attacks that hit more guys.

    For the most part, I loved everything about this game. The story kept me interested, the combat, while it got much easier in the late game, still looked cool and was fun to pull off. The music, when it fit, was amazing. And the graphics were wonderful.

    My biggest complaints about the game all come down to, what I guess I'll call polish. I think most of this can be attributed to "Open World Jank" but there were some weirdly dissonant scenes where 'Epic Music' was being played in the background rather quietly while two dudes walked away from a town. There were weird pauses during conversations that made a few interactions feel really strange and break the immersion. There were weird pathing and scripting problems in some of the conversation scenes that would cause characters to sort of walk into other characters and walls whilst trying to talk to you. Overall, none of these are that big of a deal, but with a game like this, I really wanted to be immersed (Which is something it does such a great job with) and some of this stuff would ruin that. Specifically some weird music cues. Maybe they didn't have enough music? I'm not sure. It could've also used some better mixing between dialogue and music, but maybe that was my fault.

    ANYWAY, enough nitpicking, this game is great, everyone who likes RPGs should play it. I'm super excited for the Witcher 3: Something about a Hunt that's bad!

    This game get's 4*! Finished 2/12/15

  • Two games in 1 day? Crazy.

    This game is hilarious. Humor in games is difficult to do, but this game is so absurd and continues to get more so that I found myself constantly amused. Even laughing! It warmed my cold dead heart.

    It's the exact right length, I wouldn't want any more of it, but I'm so glad I played through it, and want everyone else to play through it once too.

    4 bosses turning into alligators out of 5! 2/12/2015


    Also I put 60 hours into this game and got the true ending and maxed all jobs, got all summons etc.

    This game's story is basically Golden Sun meets Bioshock Infinite, and besides a few missteps, namely making you re-tread the same major actions multiple times in a row, the story is a really huge draw of this game. The ending has some nice twists and you can Chrono Trigger style, end it early if you are on top of it.

    This game is a JRPG-ass JRPG. It's basically like all the early Final Fantastys but wrapped up in modern trappings. This means that the gameplay is really good. The job system is fun and rewarding. The fact that you can increase random battles to help quicken the grind, or turn them off is brilliant (and made the end of the game go significantly faster for me).

    Unfortunately, while all that is great, as mentioned above, the end of the game is 4 chapters of awakening the same crystals 4 more times that you spent the initial 4 chapters awakening. It's a weird stylistic choice and something that I think they could've condensed and still gotten the same feeling out of. They did do some cool twists on boss rushes having each of the *seriously, more spoilers* different parallel worlds you visit put multiples of the bosses together, with story reasons as to why. My saving grace, was that I found online somewhere a basically super broken team that took no damage and was able to kill all the bosses. This made the end of the game less of a slog and allowed me to enjoy the twist and/or turn of the story much more.

    This game, overall, is really great, shy a few strange design decisions. It get's 4 heroes of light (duh) out of 5.

    oh right, I was putting dates on these 2/14 I don't remember when I finished the last 3, oops.

  • Finished like 4/17

    Fighting games are hard to quantify as finished, but I beat the story mode, so I guess that counts!

    Let's get right to it. MKX is a great fighting game. There are a plethora of single-player modes, great for someone like me who is terrible at competition, but also a lot of online stuff too. The PC version had some hiccups, but when it works it's great!The story is nothing to write home about, and in fact is actively bad at many points, but I do like the way it forces you to learn different characters.

    Overall, fun game. QTEs are not great.


  • Finished 5/15/15

    I actually finished this game. It helped when I had some friends who got into it around this time. This game has a lot of problems. Primarily, it doesn't know what kind of game it wants to be. A prime example of that being the tone of this game. It goes back and forth between somber and balls to the wall dual wielding death machine action. The gameplay does this as well, switching between stealth (only occasionally forced) and the aforementioned balls to the proverbial wall. But overall these parts are done well, they just create a rather discordant gaming experience. Once I made it over the hump of, in stealth if I get caught just shoot everyone, I had much more fun.

    This game is a pretty good update to an older style of shooter. The story is dumb and sort of fun, and knifing dudes in the back is pretty cool I guess. Overall a solid 3* game.

  • Mid September, I forgot to write something down.

    Weird, I don't think I've beaten a game since Wolfenstein, I guess. What was I playing? A lot of things and just not finishing them? Who knows.

    Alright here it goes. I decided to play this game again after it got steam support, even after playing it back in the day. I installed a few mods, mostly to trivialize Sabacc, and the Swoop racing (I'm sensing a theme here) but also to supposedly add in some content that was left out. This game is broken, and unfinished. There are a plethora of bugs and such that can instantly halt all progress. It's a mess and I love it.

    This game is great at making you feel apart of the Star Wars universe. It has plenty of problems, sure, but when it hits it feels great. The end of the game is nonsense, feeling so unfinished, because it is, which is the only reason it can't get 5* on my arbitrary rating scale, but man did I enjoy this game loads.

    The way you interact with your followers, is a particularly high-point. As a dark side character (because that's how I roll) you can essentially say whatever your followers want to hear until they are so loyal to you, then do a bunch of dark deeds and VIOLA everyone is evil. That sort of manipulation is something you don't really see in many Morality systems. The fact that this system fed directly into the story and why your character is the way they are, was an added bonus.

    As I said, this game isn't perfect, not even close. But it's glorious and I really like playing it. 4*

  • Finished October 5th.

    This game is like if Far Cry 3 was made again a few years later and had a few additions. Wait, that's exactly what it is.

    This game has no qualms about following it's predecessor. It wears it right out on the sleeve. It's also Ubi open world game, so it does all that stuff still. While in Far Cry 3, that might've still felt fresh, especially in the 1st person perspective, at this point, it has been done to death.

    Don't get me wrong, that didn't stop me from going about climbing towers and taking over Outposts, but i has definitely lost a lot of it's novelty.

    Since this game is Far Cry 3, I was essentially comparing it to my memory of that game the whole time. Here's what I came up with.

    It seems better than Far Cry 3 in most ways. The story is more coherent. You (SPOILERS) actually get to fight the Main Bad guy at the end of the game (poor Vaas). I actually liked the interaction between the Golden Path members, although the direction that went in was probably not as emotional as they had hoped.

    All in all this game takes what Far Cry 3 did, and for the most part, did it all better. There are plenty of things to do in the world, although much of them are just repeated all over the map. There are plenty of places to explore. Some fun characters, some boring characters. But really, with some of that novelty gone, I really didn't care to do as much as I did in Far Cry 3. I liked the ending way better, and honestly was happy after 30 odd hours to be done.

    Overall, fun game. Nothing to write home about. Excited to play MGSV gotta catch up on Metal Gear Scanlon. I got off track 3* (a good game)

  • Beat 9/19/15

    Hey, it's a game I tried to play on PS4, and did not finish. Then, I bought a 980TI which game with a free copy of MGSV and decided to give the PC version a try. Here are my thoughts.

    This game is pretty good. It's the first MGS game (prologue whatever) that I've enjoyed playing. It feels good to be good at this game. I beat the first mission and played a bit of the other missions. I didn't spend a lot of time with the game, but it got me really excited for MGS V so I guess it did it's job.

    Oh, actually I played this before Far Cry 4, so this got out of order. Oops. 4*

  • Beat 10/11/15

    I'm on a game beating spree. It helps when games are short.

    I really like Platinum character action games, but they always take a hot second to click with me. Metal Gear Rising, although, maybe due to it's length, doesn't go to great lengths to teach you the ins and outs of it's combat, succeeds in making a Metal Gear Solid game in another style.

    This game is great. From the rocking soundtrack, to the ridiculous Metal Gear story (I honestly do not understand why Dan wouldn't want to play this, it's Dumb Metal Gear Stuff, plus Bayonetta) with a healthy dose of slashing people up, this game does basically everything right.

    There is even stealth sequences, which is weird, and a spike in difficulty near the end, I mostly blame the lack of discussion over the nuance of this game, during the game, but once you begin to figure some stuff out, it really makes this game hum.

    So basically, I think this is 5*. It's a short game, but it most certainly does not overstay it's welcome. Man I'm excited to play MGSV.

  • Finished, a while ago. Oops!

    I haven't played any Layton nor Phoenix Wright games before, so this was an interesting experience for me. The Layton puzzles were cute but relatively easy (which I've heard about this game) which was fine for me because man I loved the court room stuff so much more. The story was convoluted and dumb, which I really appreciated. But what was the best about this game was that it made me want to go back and play more Phoenix Wright games!

    Anyway, 4*

  • Yo, base Destiny was not a good game. A thing that I think most of us heard people who played a lot of Destiny saying. I finally was able to pull myself away early 2015 stopping by shortly for each expansion only because my friends wouldn't leave me alone.

    When the Taken King came out, an expansion that I had not previously just purchased because I was dumb and got the Season pass. The hype surrounding it go to me.

    And boy was it fun. The thing is though, the greatest success of this expansion was just having more content available so that when you finally hit the part of Destiny that is still very much there from Vanilla, the weird End-game that they claimed they removed, you at least feel good about the time you've spent. Something that never could've been said for the base game.

    Anyway. This is a good game. It is better than V.Destiny.


  • Blood Bowl is a game that I would see a lot of people I liked stream, but was super hard to understand. When Chaos edition went on sale for like 7 bucks, I took the plunge and tried to get my feet wet.

    Thanks to cKnoor, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time. While I play this game wrong (ie not online) there is something visceral and wholly entertaining about challenging the dice and trying to murder other dudes.

    I have lost many hours to playing against the dumb computer and winning. Because man, winning feels good.

    4* (because there are a lot of UI quirks and you still have to go outside the game to learn it)

  • I wrote a long thing about this before, then lost it.

    Long story short. Afterbirth, which came out this year, is amazing. And more people should play it.