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Games I Loved, Forgot, And Then Remembered Again Thanks to Jeff

 Thanks Jeff!
 Thanks Jeff!
As a recently turned thirty-year old that started gaming at the age of five I feel pretty good about having a large catalog of game memories versus most of my peers. Due to a kid-filled neighborhood in the suburbs of DC I got a healthy dose of both console and PC gaming in the basements of my friends' houses. That said there are tons of classic games I forgot I played over the years for one reason or another. Thankfully Jeff has a much better memory than me (or maybe because he is a bit older) and will sometimes rekindle a long forgotten memory of a game I really enjoyed from my childhood but have since blanked on. Usually this leads to me screaming HOLY SHIT I TOTALLY FORGOT THAT GAME. IT WAS AWESOME either over IM or in person. In any case, here is a running list of said games.

List items

  • I was talking about my fondness for the Mechwarrior inspired shenanigans in Interstate 76 and after a quick Carmaggeddon joke Jeff reminded me of this classic Car shooter. Talk about a genre that needs to come back!

  • From a Duke Nukem discussion that devolved into a conversation on the build engine and my love of Monolith's Blood series of games. Jeff brought up this other Build engine gem and I immediately went into a flashback coma of horrible Asian stereotypes.

  • Untold hours spent on this game. Had a glorious feel to its nitro and loop mechanics. I think I said something to Jeff like... what was that game that was like excite bike but better on the game boy? You know, the one with the nitro?

  • Return Fire is a game I always forget the name of. The conversation will normally go... Jeff, what was the name of that 3D0 game that was like Desert Strike but not Desert Strike? You know... with the flight of the bumble bees?