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Games I've Completed More Than Three Times

I'm fairly skittish with video games when it comes to finishing them. With games coming out every week I tend to move on to the newest greatest thing before completing the task at hand. With that said it's extremely rare for me to actually enjoy a game enough that I actually go back and replay it. Here's a couple that I can remember from over the years. 
This is an incomplete list that I'm assembling purely from memory. More to add later.

List items

  • Over and over my friends. This game consumed me as a kid. I remember playing through the entire game day after day.

  • Not much of an achievement considering how short the campaign is, but what a ride!

  • This one never took off like it should have. I break it out every year like a favorite movie, looking for details I may have missed.

  • For a good year or two after Half-Life there was nothing really to compare to the game as far as scripted action went. That meant you ended up replaying the game to get that same sort of adrenaline.

  • Easily the game I've replayed the most out of the Infinity Engine classics. While you'll get to know the dialog of Baldur's Gate II fairly quickly, you'll never have the same fights in IW2 twice.

  • It's weird, even though I loved the combat improvements to Oblivion I never finished that game. Morrowind though I played through multiple times. It felt like a bigger, more believable world.

  • Like IW2 it's just really easy to need that fix for this game's style of combat. There's nothing else like it this side of Fallout and when there's slow times I always broke it out.

  • The game still stands up. While I never finished WC2, Starcraft always had me coming back.

  • Does this one even need an explanation? I played and replayed through tons of the Civ franchise.

  • Weirdly played this one on a 3DO system rather than a PC. That didn't stop me from wasting an entire summer with it's open space world.

  • For a good two years there was nothing else that touched TIE Fighter. While X-Wing was a great game, TIE Fighter was definitely the best in the franchise. I remember being heartbroken by the follow ups.

  • Dude, Russians have taken over the Moon? Man this game didn't get the appreciation it deserved. Awesome story and unique premise at the time.

  • I can point to KQ6 as the game that got me originally into computers. I had no idea how to get it to run on my PS1 until someone showed me how to go into DOS to delete files. I'd sit on Prodigy message boards trying to figure out the riddles.

  • The first and only game I'd attempt speed runs for. I remember hand drawing maps on graph paper with all the dungeon locations.

  • I never actually beat the game because of a glitch in the NES version, but this one I definitely played and replayed multiple times in my basement with friends.

  • I remember rebuying a SNES system just so that I could replay FFIII. Still my favorite of the series and likely my favorite JRPG of all time.