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Awesome games that need a sequel!

Just my list of games that I wish had a sequel

List items

  • This was GTA 4 before GTA 4 came out.

  • My favorite space sim of all time. I have no idea why this genre died and really would love to see someone work on a new game.

  • Doubt this one will ever happen now that Iron Lore shut down, but I'd love to see a sequel to this game based upon another mythos. Maybe dark ages / holy grail setting?

  • Yes yes, civilization 4... blah blah. The best 4x game though was Alpha Centaruri and I'd love to see a true sequel made.

  • I know this got a sequel, but I'd love to see a real one made this time!

  • I know that Dragon Age is a spiritual successor and all, but I'd much rather see a new game set in the Forgotten realms universe. I'd be perfectly happy with a new Infinity Engine game.

  • I hide no shame that I'm a WoW geek. I've been playing since launch and at this point I'd rather see a World of Starcraft game then a new expansion pack.

  • Completely surprised this one never got a sequel. It was early enough in the Infinity Engine's cycle to warrant one.

  • One of the forgotten Lucas Arts games, outlaws was a blast over multiplayer but also had a pretty decent single player game as well. It surprises me that no one has ever made a decent western shooter since.

  • Ok, yes I know I'm nerding it up with Infinity Engine games but I loved the combat in IWD2 and wish I could get a 3rd.

  • Great game, but even when it was released it looked absolute horrible. I'd like to see it turned into a pure turn-based combat system using something similar to TOEE.

  • Massively underated game mostly because it was targetted at hardcore RPG nerds who had gotten spoiled by rich storylines from BioWare. This game had none, but to me had possibly the best pure DnD combat system ever made. I wish someone would make something similar.

  • Cryptic got half of the City of Heroes MMOs right. The game featured amazing powers, fighting and customization, but the battle and dungeon system just wasn't deep enough to keep me playing.

  • The best football game ever made. This one is begging for a current-gen remake.