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Video Game Locations I'd like to visit

If only I could jump into the screen.

List items

  • This one is a no-brainer for any DnD nerd like myself. Having read pretty much every book set in this Universe I think it would be pretty cool to hang out with Drizzt, talk about emo bands, and hit up the local tavern. Which brings me to the next item on the list.

  • Dude... a video game tavern! I like that in high-fantasy bars aren't even called pubs, but taverns. This is where all the seedy dudes hang out and you can drink some mead while conducting your shady business.

  • Sure, I've been to Canada. But video game Canada? There's something amazing in the pixelated soil up there.

  • How crazy would it be walking through your workplace, open a door you open every day and just suddenly be transported to Kraid's Lair? I've never done acid, but mostly it's out of fear of meeting Kraid from the Metroid games.

  • I just love that when you "use" bathrooms in video games the toilet will flush but you don't actually do any business. Either everyone is just faking it for show in the video game world or there is some sort of invisible process that I'm missing. Either way it beats the real life alternative.

  • Someone asked on the boards the other day what is my least favorite level in gaming. I responded: that megaman level. I sort of look at this location in the same way, but location based.

  • When I finally check out of this world, I'd like to log out from Stormwind City. Just to keep with tradition.

  • Let me clarify, I'd love to check out pre-event Rapture when it was just a cool underwater town filled with a bunch of nerds listening to the radio.

  • Since I spend most of my day designing cyberspace I think it would be pretty bad-ass to actually live in it. Specifically I'd like to become an ominous floating head and torment the Giant Bomb crew as they turn on their electronics.

  • This isn't really a location. I just want to live in the alternate universe that the Bad Dudes inhabit. The kind of world where ninjas can kidnap the president.