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Best of E3 2010

I didn't actually attend E3 this year (nor have I ever), but that doesn't stop me from behind excited (and appalled*) by shit that went down.  I devoured all the content that Giantbomb put out and then some and here's a list from the show.  You might notice that my choices are a little one sided on platforms, but at the moment I only own a Xbox 360 and it's kind of hard to get excited for stuff that I can't play.
*What the fuck Ubisoft.... Innergy? Battle Tag?

List items

  • I'm a huge rhythm game junkie, so when Harmonix announced the inclusion of pro modes, vocal harmonies, and keyboard I couldn't contain my excitement. I don't really have anymore to say about this game other than that I can't wait. No doubt in my mind that way too much of my money will be spent on this game come Q4.

  • This game looks fucking epic in the best sense. I didn't even need to see a trailer to be excited about this because it's Metal Gear Solid, but the way you can cut through shit is awesome. Can't wait to see someone demo this.

  • Finally, the Mortal Kombat game we've wanted since Mortal Kombat 4 came out. I love everything I see about this game. They're going back to 2-D, blood and gore M-rating, and at least two fatalities for everyone... Give me this game now! I really hope they bring in some of the silliness that came with MK3 or maybe a bust of Dan Forden sliding across the screen saying stupid stuff. I would be super excited if that last bit was in there.

  • The first-person shooter genre has become so... boring. Everyone's trying to go for that realistic, modern combat game it seems. Bulletstorm is going for something completely different and that alone makes me want to see more of this game.

  • Dude! It's Need for Speed with cops and Criterion is developing it. What more do I need to say?

  • It's been a while since I've had a nice 2-D beat em up style of game to play. Shank has got some excellent art behind it and the combo system looks extremely fluid and fun. Hopefully there's some good variety and boss battles otherwise it might become stale after a little while.

  • I know this will be more or less the same as Gears 2, but with a little more enhancements. That being said, the Lancer Bayonet and grenade tag then push dude into other enemy stuff looks awesome. Four-player co-op would be cool, but I don't have four people I know that would have the time and/or will to play this with me, but I am quite interested in how it'll all end.

  • I honestly don't know a whole lot about this game. I know that Shinji Mikami is directing and it's a 3rd person shooter/action game. Based on the trailer the action looks fast and stylish, and I really enjoy the art direction.

  • I'm not really a dancer, but this game grabs my attention a bit. A perfect fit for the Kinect and looks like it'll be far more accurate than Just Dance which scores an act that requires your whole body on what your right hand is doing... that's just not right. Harmonix is developing it and I have complete confidence in their ability.

  • My excited for this isn't really based on this E3. I mean all they showed was a CG trailer, showed a PVP area, and announced that players will get their own ships (that's kind of cool though). My real excitement stems from the fact that they really look like they're focusing on the story and that's always been the kicker in MMOs for me. If I'm going to be playing a game for that long I need a good narrative to keep me interested. I'm extremely doubtful there will even be a beta this year, but color me excited if they announce that later in the year.