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Review: Loop Hero 0

I've always been into the idea of idle games, but there's so little input in most of them that it gets boring after a while. I wouldn't call Loop Hero an idle game because you (mostly) can't leave it running forever. But it has a lot in common with the genre. The biggest difference is that there is a fail state, which forces me to make better decisions.Those decisions are made before you even start a run. You have to make a deck. This is normally overwhelming for me. But given the small number o...

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Doesn't Stick With You 0

I really want to like Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It has some of that charm that Intelligent Systems games tend to have, but there’s just something missing from the equation. Honestly, there’s a great deal missing and holds Paper Mario’s latest adventure back from being a must-have.Paper Mario, as a series, has generally been about turn based battles and some light RPG character building, with the exception of 2007’s Super Paper Mario. This entry takes a weird middle-ground on that concept. It ha...

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Warp my frustrations away, please. 2

I was drawn to Warp by it's puzzle mentality and cute, murderous protagonist. This is Trapdoor’s first game released, so I honestly didn’t have any expectations as far as quality goes. Warp is a game that is parts puzzle and stealth and really gives you many options to advance through the underwater research facility. I feel like it’s a solid game, but it’s not all double rainbows and waving bears, though. There are a few things that put down my appreciation of what could have been an excellent ...

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Enchantment Under the Sea 0

When I first started playing Bioshock 2 I felt it wasn’t going to be good. I can’t really place why to be honest. The original Bioshock had a great way of delivering story and atmosphere, but I didn’t care much for the combat which was a large portion of Bioshock. Perhaps that was it, maybe I dreaded the combat. In any case, I came away pleasantly surprised by the end product. Bioshock 2 builds upon what the original did, making a game that plays better than the original.You play as a Big Daddy,...

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User Review #92?! 0

I was one of the fortunate ones who actually hadn't acquired any of the games offered by Sony's Welcome Back program. Obviously inFamous is one of the games I chose, why else would I be talking about it? Infamous is the first game developed by Sucker Punch that I've played. That may be a shock to many, but I've never had any form of Playstation as my main platform until recently. Since this is my first date with Sucker Punch, I'm happy to say they've made a positive first impression, but inFamou...

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Arrives And Leaves Way Too Soon 0

I have to start off by saying that Arrival has the fastest elevators ever seen in a Mass Effect game.  Said elevators do not require loading times and you are in and out of them in seconds.  Honestly, what more do you need to know? If you're still not convinced that Arrival is worth your money after that amazing piece of intel then I suggest you continue reading because I'm not so sure myself.  Remember that guy from Mass Effect Prime? The best part of Arrival is the contents of the story.  ...

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Getting Better 0

Overlord makes the second paid DLC for Mass Effect 2 and Bioware seems to get better with each try at new content.  Shepard gets a message about another Cerberus operation that has been expermenting with VI.  The VI has gone beserk and killed nearly everyone in the research station and they need Shepard to come in and clean house.  The story here is pretty predictable, but I find the goal of the research pretty intriguing.  The gameplay follows a pattern of on-foot, driving Hammerhead, on-foot, ...

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Kingdom Hearts Review 0

    Kingdom Hearts is a game that meshes together two unique worlds, those being Disney and Final Fantasy, to create a creative and compelling piece of interactive entertainment.  With a great mix of excellent story, intense battles, and worlds to explore Kingdom Hearts is easily recommended to anyone, but is a must buy for any die hard  fan of SquareEnix  games.    One of the most appealing things about this game is to find out about the world created from mixing Final Fantasy and Disney toget...

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