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MrStool: Best of 2010

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  • This should really be on anybody's list. Fantastic story, great characters, and a setting that can't be beat.

  • I was pleasantly surprised by this game. Sure, it was essentially Bioshock in a new skin, but that's certainly not a problem. Good story with a twist ending, fun weapons, and Nolan North. What more could you want?

  • Fallout, how I love you so. I put countless hours of game play into you and you don't disappoint. Yes, you have glitches by the score, but your characters, story, and general silliness make up for them.

  • This game gets a lot of criticism for its grind and lack of innovation. But sometimes you just need a loot hording hack and slash to bring back some nostalgia from the days of Diablo. It was a fun walk down memory lane to say the least.

  • Pure stupidity, that's why I love this game. It does not take itself seriously in the least, and its all the better for it. Whether you are strapping enemies onto gas tanks only to send them flying into the air, or if you're simply listening to some of the worst voice acting ever, you are going to have a smile on your face the whole time.

  • Yes, FF XIII is linear as hell, but I felt that the game was really well focused because of it. Too often games try to fit in every little side "thing" and it can get down right overwhelming (I'm looking at you Red Dead). Anyways, the combat was some of the best I've seen in a JRPG and the graphics were simply stunning.

  • I do not like RTS games. There, I said it. So how the hell did I end up liking StarCraft II? I suppose that's the reason this game is on my list. Its so good that it even lures in players who would never even consider an RTS. Blizzard has really outdone themselves on this one with fantastic visuals, a great story, and multiplayer that cannot be beat.

  • This game really brings me back to the days when NFS wasn't completely over saturated. It returns to a simple formula and sometimes that's all you really need to do. Fast cars and great tracks, not much more you could need.

  • Honestly, I did not enjoy the single player to this game at all. However, the improvements to the multiplayer were substantial enough for me to put the game on my top 10. Good maps, good modes, and a solid leveling system.

  • Alan Wake was really refreshing. I was in need of a suspenseful, story driven game and it met those desires really well. The fun combat and great characters made for an unforgettable tale.