Platforms that I own or have owned.

List items

  • Played a lot of Bible Adventures on this...can Noah run or what?

  • This is where the magic happened. Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, Turok, man I could go on!

  • MY EYES!!!

  • played a lot of Sonic on here. Then the batteries ran out...

  • Kirby happened for me here for the first time, and I immediately fell in love.

  • Pokemon Crystal comes to mind when I think about the most prominent times I had with the GBC.

  • Absolutely loved the SP when it rolled out. Zelda: The Minish Cap was played for hours here.

  • Not too many really fond memories to be found here. Star Wars Dark Forces was my highlight.

  • Oh my Lord were there games played here! I could list everything I played on this workhorse but it would simply take too damn long. This is where the pinnacle of my gaming was reached.

  • One month. I played Little Big Planet. Hated the XMB. pooey...

  • Yeah!....not really, Wind Waker was really the only game I spent a good amount of time with on the cube. I did love that game though. But Luigi's Mansion? Come on!

  • Halo

  • I still don't know if I love or hate this machine. It's red ringed on me thrice, but I have forgiven it repeatedly. I've bought tons of Arcade games and I love the service dearly. This console also introduced me to Oblivion which blew me away. But alas, I haven't really found another title that moved me the same way that Oblivion did. Borderlands was sooo close...but then Mad Moxxi happened. We'll see though, this console still has some time.

  • Shenmue, hell yeah! That was really the big title for me on the DC. Other than that, nothing really shined too bright for me.

  • No

  • Like the 360, I just don't know how I feel about this console. Twilight Princess was just okay for me, and I tend to rate Nintendo consoles on how well the first Zelda game for the platform plays. Its just meh for me right now.

  • I liked the DS. But I wrote that in the past tense so you are probably thinking I sold mine, and you would be correct. New Super Mario Brothers was my best friend for awhile, but after that nothing came out that really interested me. Oh well...