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DICE Highlights

An Insight into Indie Games with Chris Taylor & Mike Capps 

Adam Sessler talks to Chris Taylor (Head of Gas Powered Games) and Mike Capps (President of Epic) about the challenges of independent development. Tim Schafer was sadly MIA.  
Indie games are usually the breeding grounds for creative and niche titles so I'd definitely like to see them survive. But the middle bracket of developers like Gas Powered Games is a dying breed and the economic situation is forcing them to eschew innovation for mass appeal. It's an odd situation and I don't know how they are going to fare in the future.

Future of Games by Jesse Schell

Jesse Schell is the author of "The Art of Game Design", one of the best books for designing games and gameplay. His talk about how gaming can be applied to almost every facet of life and how this conversion is already in progress. 
I'm fascinated by Schell's idea for a game-fied future. He is absolutely spot on in his observation that people love the idea of XP and constant progression. Achievements have a tendency to make people do what they would normally ignore.