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    Gas Powered Games

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    Gas Powered Games are a popular PC developer most famous for their Real-Time Strategy games.

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    Started in 1998 by RTS guru Chris Taylor, formerly of Cavedog Entertainment, GPG's first title was the highly regarded Dungeon Siege. Their focus on innovation within the PC strategy genre has earned them a cult following and they are widely regarded as one of the foremost developers in their field. Their next games were the genre-bending fighting/RTS game Demigod from 2009 and 2010's Supreme Commander 2.

    In 2012, the studio tried to acquire funding through Kickstarter for its next project, a RTS/RPG hybrid named Wild Man. Studio head Chris Taylor described the project as being essential to the company's survival. The crowd-funding campaign was asking for $ 1.1 million, but had to be canceled a few days before the deadline when it could only raise $504,120. Subsequently the studio suffered a major layoff of about 40 employees and searched for other ways to keep the project afloat.

    Wargaming Acquisition

    Gas Powered Games was acquired by the MMO developer/publisher Wargaming in February 2013.


    TitlePublisherRelease Year
    Dungeon SiegeMicrosoft Studios2002
    Dungeon Siege: Legends of ArannaMicrosoft Studios2003
    Dungeon Siege IIMicrosoft Studios2005
    Dungeon Siege II: Broken World2K Games2006
    Supreme CommanderTHQ2007
    Supreme Commander: Forged AllianceTHQ2007
    Space SiegeSega2008
    DemigodStardock Corporation2009
    Supreme Commander 2Square Enix2010
    Age of Empires OnlineMicrosoft Studios2011
    Kings and CastlesTBDTBD

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