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What I'm Playing

I'm not entirely new to blogging, but I am new to blogging about games.   If anyone at any point has suggestions or things they'd like to see, please feel free to leave comments.

By nature, I'm a gamer.  I'll comment on any and all consoles, cell phone games, PC games, and anything else I get my hands on.  Don't come here looking for someone to start a flame war - I like all the consoles for different reasons.

Right now, I've been playing the Wii.  It's a recent purchase for me (just bought one in August).  I've already got a decent selection of games, including Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Tiger Woods All Play, and a couple of others.  I had to buy a few games along with the Wii, so not all of these are getting the attention they deserve.  I've been focusing mostly on Galaxy and Kart, though my real time has been spent on the Virtual Console games Donkey Kong Country and Mario RPG.  I love them both and missed out on them in their original releases.

On the PC front, I've been blown away by Spore.  Small side tangent - I love to write fantasy, sci-fi, and horror in my spare time.  Having a game like Spore really unleashes my creative juices.  I've spent hours crafting creatures, buildings, and vehicles.  If you want to look me up on, I'm listed under SparkyBuzzsaw, I believe.  The DRM issue doesn't bug me - I don't upgrade my PC's often enough to really freak out about it, though the situation does irritate me.

Beyond that, I'm getting Disgaea DS and trying to finish Final Fantasy IV.  I really dig the game, but I only generally use my DS when I'm on the go.  Between work and personal stuff, that's not often.  I can sneak in a dungeon crawl every few days, but that's really about it.

So that's it in a nutshell for now.  Feel free to introduce yourself and tell me what you're playing and what you think.