GOTY 2011

List items

  • I hated the beta, but now I can't wait to log on again so I can see more of the STORY. It's amazing how something so simple is enough to get me invested in an MMO again after burning out on the genre years ago.


    Amazing balance amidst endless creative flexibility. A fighting game for the thinking man.

  • Yeah that's right, I went there. While you people bitch about Capcom's devious practices I'm going to enjoy 500+ hours of the best fighting game content I have ever experienced. It was well worth the $110 I spent.

  • The fact that this team can create a plot that is resonant and engaging should come as no surprise, but the fun and inventive gameplay they conjured up floored me. I hope that they make many, many more of these despite the poor sales.

  • There are no words.

  • Drastically improved combat, streamlined interface, amazing characters, brilliant dialogue, and the cutest welsh elf I've ever interacted with. I can overlook a few rehashed dungeons.

  • They did it. They gave me that Deus Ex sort of feeling without making an outdated game. And I made it through without killing anyone (no matter what those dirty, lying cutscenes might have told you).

  • Okay, so sometimes the puzzles really made me angry. Thankfully the story was more than enough to make up for it. I will continue to watch the burgeoning competitive scene with interest.

  • Better than the first.

  • A very strong step towards modernizing the adventure game genre. I just wish I knew how to recover my save file from my YLOD PS3 so I could finish this damn game.