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127443 Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure Game 08/01/20 03:52AM 2 approved
126465 Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure Game 07/26/20 03:38AM 30 approved
125531 New Game Game This is a video game that came out in 2020. 07/19/20 12:34AM 10 approved
87172 Full Motion Video Concept 01/19/20 08:13PM 2 approved
76862 Matthew Hopkins Person 12/11/19 07:23PM 4 approved
28477 The Shapeshifting Detective Game 11/12/18 08:33PM 6 approved
28476 Full Motion Video Concept 11/12/18 08:28PM 2 approved
28305 J.J. Macfield Character 11/12/18 12:44AM 2 approved
28304 J.J. Macfield Character 11/12/18 12:43AM 2 approved
27780 William Smith Person 11/08/18 07:19PM 15 approved
27775 William Smith Person 11/08/18 07:06PM 42 approved
27671 New Person Person He makes music for games. 11/07/18 11:08PM 10 approved
27522 New Character Character J.J. is the main character of a video game as well as one of the most interesting video game characters to come out of 2018. 11/07/18 02:15AM 10 approved
27521 The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories Game 11/07/18 01:46AM 32 approved
27520 Hidetaka Suehiro Person 11/07/18 01:29AM 2 approved
25021 Contradiction: Spot The Liar! Game 10/26/18 01:13AM 6 approved
25020 Transference Game 10/26/18 01:11AM 4 approved
25019 Inspector Frederick Jenks Character 10/26/18 01:05AM 6 approved
25017 Inspector Frederick Jenks Character 10/26/18 12:50AM 50 approved
25015 Full Motion Video Concept 10/26/18 12:50AM 2 approved
25014 NieR:Automata Game 10/26/18 12:32AM 6 approved
24714 New Character Character Immanuel is the main guy in the Forest Kingdom and another interesting exploration of a lot of Nier's themes. 10/24/18 05:39AM 10 approved
24713 New Character Character Eve is just as important as his brother Adam who I have also recently submitted a wiki page for. 10/24/18 05:36AM 10 approved
24712 New Character Character He's one of the main antagonists of about the first half of the game as well as an interesting character. 10/24/18 05:35AM 10 approved
24711 Kierkegaard Character 10/24/18 05:21AM 53 approved
24709 Simone Character 10/24/18 05:02AM 50 approved
24708 Jean-Paul Character 10/24/18 04:50AM 63 approved
24706 YoRHa No.9 Type S Character 10/24/18 04:35AM 15 approved
24488 New Character Character Jenks is the main character of Contradiction which was played in some of the earliest episodes of GB Playdate. He's also one of the best main characters from any video game ever. 10/22/18 04:08AM 10 approved
24487 Full Motion Video Concept 10/22/18 03:57AM 16 approved
24486 Full Motion Video Concept 10/22/18 03:55AM 2 approved
24485 NieR:Automata Game 10/22/18 03:54AM 6 approved
23644 New Character Character While not central to the main plot of Nier: Automata I think that Jean-Paul is one of the more memorable side characters in a game full of memorable side characters. His relationship to one of the major bosses in the game combined with his relationship to real life philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre definitively make him stand out. 10/18/18 11:35PM 10 approved
23643 New Character Character Simone is a major boss from Nier: Automata who you fight as both 2B and 9S as well. I would consider the fight against her the first majorly memorable boss fight in the entire game and a major exploration of a lot of Nier's themes. 10/18/18 11:28PM 10 approved
23641 New Character Character Kierkegaard is a significant NPC in Nier: Autotmata. A significant section of the first playthrough is spent with him and his followers and his character and the implications thereof can be used as a puzzle piece to figuring out the overarching philosophies examined in Nier: Automata as a whole. 10/18/18 11:16PM 10 approved
23640 Pascal Character 10/18/18 11:02PM 64 approved
23638 Pascal Character 10/18/18 10:26PM 0 denied
23637 Pascal Character 10/18/18 10:25PM 4 approved
23636 NieR:Automata Game 10/18/18 10:23PM 2 approved
23196 New Character Character Pascal is one of the most significant NPCs in Nier: Automata. 10/15/18 09:32PM 10 approved