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Best of 2009

Subject2Change: Best of 2009
So far just a collection of what i've played this year that I can remember. Will add more and figure out exactly where to rank them soon.
As a note: I only own a PS3, Gaming PC, PSP, DS. The 360 and potentially Wii will be purchased next year.
Games without notes have not been played YET and will hopefully be played through before the end of the year so I can have a larger scale to judge from.

List items

  • I played the original Uncharted a few months prior to the release of Among Thieves and was eagerly waiting for it. The improvements over the original are phenomenal and really piece together a great game and experience. Visually it is one of the most stunning games, with a deep story filled with well defined characters. One of the games I played through in the fewest amount of sittings as possible as I was so enthralled in the game. Hands down GOTY from this avid PS3 owner.

  • I was first introduced to this game from a friend prior to the US release and it resulted in me importing a Korean copy from eBay. After my first sitting I was a bit hesitant on it, after making some progress and seeing "Tower Knight" die (the boss from 1-2), I knew this was my game. While it was punishing the deaths were never cheap and learning to solve the problem was often a long but quite rewarding task. This was my RPG of the year until finally coming close to the end of Dragon Age. If DA:O disappoints with a poor ending, I assure you this will take it's spot at #2 on my list.

  • I went back and forth between Dragon Age: Origins and Demon's Souls for my RPG of the Year, a category that I favor highly and had to place high on my top 10 list. I had a blast with both titles and after finishing Dragon Age earlier this week, I feel I need to give it to Demon's Souls. Dragon Age was a fantastic experience, however the ending was quite anti-climatic and was unfortunately tied off preventing expansions or large DLC packs. Bioware should of taken a clue with Mass Effect and it's character save being able to be used in Mass Effect 2. Fantastic Game, and my PC Game of the year (followed by MW2).

  • A super hero game that is good? what? You must be mistaken. Actually no, while being a good superhero game is a rare obstacle to overcome being a good story driven game with fluid combat and deep characters is one as well. This game blew my socks off and am quite looking forward to the sequel. Mark Hammal's performance as the Joker is quite memorable and impressive after the late Heath Ledgers performance in The Dark Knight.

    I am glad to see such a critically acclaimed superhero game such as this and if you have not played it yet, put this on your list of must play games.

  • I have not spent the time to play the single player yet, but a game that could take me away from my years of Counter-Strike: Source addiction deserves some recognition. It is not without it's flaws and needs some fixing (excluding Dedicated Servers, while they would be nice aren't needed) and hopefully my time in this game will slowly dwindle to free me up for other games.

  • Brilliants, marvelous and awesome. Seriously looking forward to the sequel and to anyone PS3 owner that has not played inFAMOUS it is a must play. A fantastic open world action game that just needs to implement more side missions.

  • This game is on this list for my only real experience with online co-op multiplayer. Why for this reason? cause playing through a game (in about 12 hours) in 2 sittings with a friend is quite the task especially when you are both so into the game. While the story wasn't perfect and the addition of Sheva wasn't the best for a single player playthrough; hands down this is one of the most fun experiences I had on my PS3 this year.

  • Borderlands intrigued and scared me at first. Originally had the impression of Fallout 3 but was quickly surprised when it turned out to be Diablo FPS. The story wasn't doing it for me and generally the game to me was lack luster. I have yet to finish my first playthrough and plan to do so once my back log of games that interests me is done. With laggy online play requiring multiple ports to be opened to even establish a connection put a damper in my mind. I played the game generally solo and didn't mind it but the lacking of a story during the 1st half left something desired. Clap-Trap would be my comical companion of the year with Alistair's (Dragon Age: Origins) phrase of "Do This. Do That" being my line of the year.

  • Whoa. Quite possibly one the eeriest game I have played in some time. Fantastic sound with lackluster combat and quite the confusing story. I have never had goosebumps

  • Something I was looking so forward to but disappointed with the end result. Games run too long and simply making them smaller would be the best solution. Surprisingly my sister caught onto this game more than I did and for that reason alone putting someone who isn't a "gamer" into a non-Wii environment of a competitive online game deserves to be up here. If they would only patch out Bots and make games smaller and quicker this would be a fantastic MP experience.

  • The first console shooter I could playthrough and even put in quite a few hours into Multiplayer but eventually lost interest due to my hate for controllers in shooters. Quickly returning to Counter-Strike: Source and Team Fortress 2.

  • Great concept, flawed result. When I first picked this up I couldn't wait to pop it into my DS lite. A few hours into it and I was love, a few more and I couldn't stand the game for 5 or more minutes. It deserves a top 10 spot for being an innovative handheld game in a world dominated by violent games.

  • As a Tarantino fan this game was something I needed to experience, I really enjoyed the game but quickly became fed up with what appeared to be out of sync audio during FMV sequences. I do not know if this was just my eyes but it really seemed off. If they make a sequel it will be something I play but only at a discounted price. Game was good in my eyes and but not Top 10 of the year good due to its repetitive gameplay, flaws and short campaign. Also after watching Crank High Voltage the WET IP seems more along the lines of Crank compared to Kill Bill.

  • NHL09 was my first venture back into hockey games since NHL 2001 on the PS1 and while the graphics and controls have been upgraded so has the progression of sports games. NHL09 was a fantastic reintroduction to me into Hockey games and NHL10 improved on that. While I do not play other sports games, NHL10 gets my vote for Sports Game of the Year just like NHL09 did from me last year.